David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 10
March 5, 2000 to March 11, 2000 

Sunday March 5, 2000
(By Brendan) 

In the most recent version of WineX (version 4.2 with Dr. Ruth on the cover) I had an article about touring through Sonoma County. In this article I mentioned one of my favorite places to eat the Flakey Cream Do-Nut Shop in Healdsburg. A week later I was very suprised to find a small commentary on my article in the Community Section of the Healdsburg Tribune. Ray Holley, a local writer for the H-T took the time to mildly chastize me in his column "Main Street". 

Ray Holley Wrote:

"It was, like, awesome. WineX, a bratty, over-styled glossy magazine devoted to rich young people who drink wine- and the folks who sell them things- hit Healdsburg recently. 

In an article about wine tasting, noshing at Zin Restaurant, etc. is a fawning review of the Flakey Cream Do-Nut Shop.  Author Brendan Eliason clearly has a serious donut jones, and he rhapsodizes about the Flakey Cream, although it didn't stop him from spelling it "Flaky". 

I was flipping through WineX, paused briefly at the article on Sonoma County that included Healdsburg, was about to turn the page, and there was a photo of the Flakey Cream's front window. How did I recognize it?  Have you seen me standing sideways lately?" 

In Response I wrote:

"Mr. Holley, 

Not since Dan Quayle has the use of the letter "e" caused so much controversy!  I too noticed the misspelling of the Flakey Cream Do-Nut Shop from my article in the most recent edition WineX magazine ("Main Street"135th year, No.9,pg.3). Needless to say, I was shocked and horrified. I immediately called my lawyer, consulted my high-school English teacher and put the National Guard on stand-by (just in case). I then went and talked to Bob and shamelessly groveled for the forgiveness of him and the Flakey Cream staff. I offered no excuses for my actions (although I cannot help being a product of the American educational system), in the end the fault is all mine.  Luckily, Bob possesses a sense of forgiveness that would make Gandhi envious and has forgiven me for my horrible sins. Never again will I spell Flakey without the necessary "e". Thank you Mr. Holley for taking valuable space in your column to point out my atrocious error. 

I was confused however, to note your characterization of Wine X as a "magazine devoted to rich young people who drink wine"  I was forced to wonder if you have ever really read our magazine before. Maybe if you had done something besides "flipping through" the magazine you might have noticed the extreme degrees that WineX goes to be accessible to a younger generation of potential wine drinkers, regardless of income or social class. I also found it interesting that you commented on our "rich, young" focus in the same article that you mention our coverage of the 
Flakey Cream Do-Nut Shop. Is the Flakey Cream in eminent danger of becoming a hangout for the bourgeois elite of Generation X? 

Brendan Eliason" 

I dropped this letter off at the H-T today.  They should print it soon. I'll let you know. 


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