David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 10
March 3, 2002 to March 9, 2002 

  Wednesday, March 6, 2002

The days just fly bye. I know I promised a report on the barrel tasting from this last week-end and I am prepared to report tonight.

But first I should report that our three slabs of Granite were installed successfully last week and we are extremely happy. Now we are preparing to resurface our hardwood floor so we won't be able to enjoy our new kitchen for a few weeks.

We sold a little over 200 cases of wine last week-end which is great for us. The barrel tasting is key for us since we sell almost exclusively "futures". Of the six 2001 barrel sampled wines we served, over 25%  of the cases sold were our "Estate Cuvee". We sold about 22% Zinfandel, 15% Terre Melange, 14% Petite Sirah, 13% Carignan, and 11% Block 4. In addition, we sold a good amount of our 2000 ZP2C even though we were not promoting it. Over all this was a very successful event. People constantly asked me which were my favorite wines and I kept on insisting that everyone perceives wine differently. BUT I felt it would be OK for me to say that I enjoyed the Estate cuvee the best. I enjoyed the carignan and Block 4 also. I feel the petite sirah could be the best wine eventually, the Terre Melange was soft and had a cherry character and the zin is classic at this point. 

As far as the music videos, I thought besides Woodstock, Springsteen was great. Hendley also had good bass.  Besides Potato soup, we also served out The cranberries and a very loud "U-2". I heard that someone said that they could not believe that someone of my age could enjoy such music. I am sure we lost a few customers during that hour or so that U-2 was on display. Brendan enjoyed the rocking immensely and my brain (ears) got used to the decibels as the day went on.


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