David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 11-12
March 9, 2003 to March 22, 2003 

Wednesday March 12, 2003

I have to go up and check out my new Infocus 7200. I am concerned that I saw many vertical lines last night that were obscuring the image. I called the company today and was not happy. They said I would probably have to send it to them and be out a projector for two weeks. I called the retailer, I purchased from, and they said they would take care of me-what ever that meant. Long story! 

I have nothing to report regarding Brendan; and Sabate is still an ongoing adventure. More later. 

I do have a few initial comments on our upcoming 2003 Pre Harvest Futures offer. Because I have to keep up with the sign of the times (remember I warned you of the Stock Market way back in 2000) I have decided to lower our prices. Some of you might have noticed that my prices during Barrel Tasting were lower than last year (We sold 10% more wine). I am not greedy as I have said before so we are lowering our prices on our basic wines (Estate Zin, Estate Cuvee, Carignan and some others) to $12.50 per bottle. That is down from $13.25  last year. Don't worry, our sales are better than ever, but we are making more wine and thus need to sell more. I will talk more about what we will offer next time. 

Thursday March 20, 2003

This was a very troubled time for me today. I had to travel to San Francisco where I was born. Now you may say why would that be a problem since I should be familiar with this great city. I grew up in S.F. in the 50's and 60's; things have changed. The outlying neiborhoods have changed dramatically and of course the politics. Today I had an appointment to see a specialist in varicose veins. I do have a problem with my leg that I need to correct. But as you know there was a great deal of protesting against the war that was a concern of Pat and me. We were scheduled to stay the night after going to one of the real great restaurants first. I am very upset that Pat chose not to come with me; NOT because of Pat, but because I have to blame Sadame and Bush. I did make it back safely, but it was an experience. 

There was a problem with my new Infocus 7200. I did convince the company techs. The replacement projector is mesmerizing. Now I can see the true difference in the quality of video. 

Brendan and I are still having some problems. He feels he is doing all that is required; I think differently. Plus, I have Steve and Caterino here every day helping on matters Brendan was doing (not quite fair). I don't need all three guys unless I find a place for 1000 more cases. Brendan is looking. 

I am still waiting on Sabate. We are getting close to a settlement. 

Next time I will start talking about what we will offer in 2003.


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