David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 18 -19
May 2, 2004 to May 15, 2004 

  Monday May 3, 2004
Today is my birthday and I hope to go over to Rafanelli's to pick up some 2002 Zin and 2001 Cabernet. Last year I showed up there and they were happy to see me. I have to pay full price as do others.

Brad is our web designer and he is a genius as some of you know. Brad has set up a search engine for this diary that is powered by Google. I just looked up "bloom" and found several entries in past years. All entries in comparison to this year indicate we are way ahead in the growing cycle. Bloom started last week and we are one month ahead of last year and three weeks ahead of normal. The weather has been great which will help to set a good crop. I was talking to Paul Bernier yesterday and he agrees with me that we could be harvesting zinfandel in August. The earliest we have harvested has been August 27th, but we could be earlier this year. I am happy that we do not have Sauvignon Blanc grapes to harvest anymore, because in the past we have harvested sauv blanc as early as August 19th. 

Tuesday May 11, 2004

Most of you don't know, but I am a very political person. Not because I am necessarily for one side, but because I care about my country. Believe me, I see both sides of political debates and I hate war. I look at CNN every day. I disliked Johnson because of what he did in Viet Nam and I dislike Bush for what is happening in Iraq. I dislike both Presidents because I am against WAR. I was against entering this war without sanctioning from the UN. I know to some of you, that may sound naive, but believe me, I am in to it. I was concerned about what the rest of the world would think of us.

What we are seeing today, with digital pictures is the start of something very important. Maybe finally we will realize that these war atrocities have occurred before in every war and this is normal. War is Hell as we have heard and now we will find out more of why.

On a brighter note, the 2004 vintage is progressing fine. Bloom has been perfect and so has this whole Spring. SO does that mean we will have a perfect year? Who knows, after 25 years I have not seen the same growing season or the same resultant wine. I think all vintages have had their own character and I can only help to keep them pure.     


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