David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 1 - 2
January 2, 2005 to January 15, 2005 

  Friday January 7, 2005

I am still having problems with my teeth. As some of you know I have had two dental implants and every tooth in my mouth was ground down and crowns were put on all 28 teeth. Obviously adjustments will need to be made over a period of time.

Brad (the webguy) who is always monitoring our website in the background has been encouraging me to explain more about why I have decided to go exclusively to screwcap closures. I thought I and Brendan had explained in the past why we have faith that screwcaps are the best method to close wine. I know "Faith" is interpreted in many ways to all of us. But I do have faith or confidence that screwcaps are the best way to go. Remember New Zealand has been using screwcaps on premium wine for 30 years. We have given many links to articles over the past few years and I am sure you could find more. Just search for "screwcap/s" OR "screw cap/s" in the web and you should find many links to convince you of the superiority of screwcap closures as they have convinced me. Check out what Brendan said regarding corks on June 5, 2003 "we're shoving tree-bark into large glass bottles". Brad and I have found a very strange thing occurring within Google. The search function does not work Perfectly within our website!! If I search for "screwcaps" the search engine does not find my diary entry of April 22 last year. BUT if I search for the first few words in the whole wide web ("Brad has found a great article on screw caps"), Google finds the entry. SOO don't think Google is perfect. Thus, all the entries in my diary regarding screwcaps can not be found by the search engine. By the way, don't miss the many great entries by customers in our forum regarding screwcaps. I have received many positive comments, but I am sure some of you are against my using screwcaps, so I most likely will be losing some of you.

Regarding what I think of wine, Brad should know me more than anyone, except Brendan. After lacking complete confidence in my self for most of my life, I have realized that I am now a very complex person. As in some matters in my life, I change my perceptions of wine from day to day or most often over a long period of time. A "short-period change" example is what occurred on January First, just the other day. Pat has a Rum and Coke about once a week, I have had 3 in the last 5 years. I used to have at least 4 a week. After New Years Eve on Friday, on January I Thought it would be interesting to try a 151 proof rum and coke. Wow, I was not prepared for what it would do to me. I was high in just a few minutes. After consuming most of the drink, I decided to open two of my favorite wines: the 2003 Cabernet and my 2003 petite sirah. I could not believe what I was tasting. They were harsh and not too enjoyable. THAT is an example of how I can change over a period of one day. I know, we all go through these times. A wine can taste great one time and not the other. Sometimes it is because of what we have done to our bodies before whether it is emotional or physical. I have changed over the long term. At first when I was in my twenties I fell in love with Cabernet Sauvignon, mostly Bordeauxs of Classified Growth. When I bought this place in 1979, I could not drink anything but Bordeaux, but I learned to love Petite Sirah and zinfandel. But in recent years, I have started to appreciate Cabernet again. You can Search for Bordeaux in my diary and come up with many entries that I have made regarding this subject. Remember Google may not find all entries.

` Dave 

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