David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

January, 2010 

Thursday January 7, 2010

We have been extremely busy this week and I really have no time to write but I must!! I have many financial reports to complete for the winery in the next week and I have to get ready all the information for my accountant to work on my taxes. ALSO we are blending!!

We will be finished blending by tomorrow and next week we will have to work on the Wine Guerrilla wines AND then starting on January 25th we bottle one Wine Guerrilla wine along with our 2008 Ultimate Cuvee, 2009 Rose and our 2009 Sauv Blanc. On January 16th and 17th we participate in Winter Wineland. We are offering oyster and shrimp po' boys so don't miss it.

I have tasted all the blends so far and I am really impressed. The one that is unique is the blend of 75% Lagrein and 25% Petit Verdot which we are calling our 2009 Lagrein. It is so dark right now that you can not see through it when held up to a light. I assume it will lighten up a little but I believe this could be the darkest wine ever produced. It sure is the darkest wine I have ever seen, far darker than Petite Sirah. I tasted it compared to the 2009 Block 4 barrel sample. WOW, after tasting the Lagrein the Block 4 tasted light and fruity. We are storing the barrels outside to cold stabilize so we will have very few to taste until February.

I knew something must be wrong when I pooped out at 1:00Am on January First. For the last week I have not felt up to par. Let's just say I have had to make several trips a day to the little room with cramps and.... No I have not thrown up and I don't think I have had a temperature but I certainly have felt better. I don't know if it is the flu since I have never had it. My Daughter Kate said I must have an Iron stomach since I have not stopped eating and I certainly have not stopped working. The other day we had the pleasure to pour wine in a luxury box for The Raiders again. They lost but it was fun. It was not easy for me since I could not make my usual trips to the rest room. I wanted to show courtesy for those around me. I made it home and had a drink since I had not consumed alcoholic beverages during the game. We were gone for 12 hours. There is no way I am going to lay down in my bed sick, ever!!! I have to be strong. I have a winery to run!! 

Friday January 8, 2010

I feel fine. All of a sudden I am back to normal! I did have only a chicken salad last night so maybe that helped. Today I plan on going back to what I normally eat and see what happens. At the winery we only have the 2009 My Zin to blend so it should be an easy day. I still have a full day of tax work to complete.

Sunday January 24, 2010

I am sorry for not posting lately. My computer crashed so I had to wait for a new one and also install many of the programs on this new computer. I have Windows 7 now (I didn't want it) and I am pleasantly surprised because there are many new and great features but of course Microsoft has hidden many of the features that I used before but I have finally found them and installed.

As some of you know we have been having a great deal of rain here. It actually has rained for 9 days straight now, a total of 10 inches. This has hampered are plans for bottling our 2009 Rose, 2009 Sauv Blanc, 2008 The Ultimate Cuvee and a special 2008 Zinfandel We have put bottling off until February 1 and 2. It is supposed to rain tomorrow again and we need to move over the bottling line. We will get it done but it may be an adventure. I am hoping that we will get some dry weather since we have to receive bottles this week and find a place to put them under cover. That will involve moving many barrels around again to find room for the glass. We will find a way!!

Monday January 25, 2010

I must advise everyone who reads this diary that our prices for the 2009 Futures will go up by ONE dollar on February First. Also we are bottling our 2008 The Ultimate Cuvee so the Futures for that wine will end on January 31. We will be sending out an e-mail regarding these changes this week.

It is raining for the 10th day in a row and this time very hard. We are hoping for a few clear days starting sometime tomorrow. I assume some of you have noticed the outside camera shows a good deal of damage to our awning outside the winery. Last week we had a mini tornado come through here and struck down one of our 50 foot poplar trees. It fell down and took off part of our overhang. It also took out our power wire and we were on generator for 24 hours. It was an adventure. We are waiting for clear weather to repair what we can.

Tuesday January 26, 2010

We had only .05 inches of rain this morning. The sun is now trying to come out but this small amount of rain made it 11 days in a row, a total of 13 inches. The forecast is for no rain tomorrow and Thursday.....we will see. Catarino Salvador and Matt have spent all day moving barrels around and now we are moving the bottling line over to the winery to prepare for our bottling next week. We will have fun. 


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