David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

September 19 - September 25, 2010 

Sunday September 19, 2010

I am in to withdrawal. I want the Harvest to begin again. I am obsessed. We had little rain and now there is a prediction of a warming trend. I am optimistic, we will get all the remaining grapes in. The Raiders even won today. Anything is possible!! 

Friday September 24, 2010

Every week gets tougher, especially when we make a decision that was not thought through. For $99 a case, as some of you know, we offered 70 cases of 2006 wines to 1300 special customers who had purchased at least two cases of wine from us in the last two years. We only had 70 cases so we did not want to deal with them since we were hoping to offer our 2007 Escuro for $144 to 168 to these same customers, next week. Within 20 minutes we had sold most of the 70 cases. Within one hour even the 2006 Zp2C was sold out. We rushed to judgment and decided to offer another wine, because we felt guilty in making a poor decision and thus disappointed over 1200 special customers. We decided on the 2007 Escuro which we had held back from tasting and have 315 cases for sale. We were not prepared after sending another e-mail to the same 1300 special customers!! We have commitments for over 500 cases now and we only have 315. After opening our eyes we realized that $99 for great wine is a good deal. We have a problem!! How do we contact all these special customers to let them know if they are in or not. Pat was near tears today and the tension I experienced with many decisions regarding the Harvest also was hard for me. BUT it is Harvest, it is just another task we will accomplish tomorrow. We have plans in place to e-mail all these special customers.

Tomorrow IS another day................ 

Saturday September 25, 2010

everyday gets tougher.....Everyone who purchased 2007 Escuro will get an e-mail tomorrow. as we have said we overwhelmed. We are sold out. Those of you who are interested and missed out can call or stop by and take advantage of either the 2007 My Zin or 2007 Terre Melange. We are offering these wines at $144 a case for those who received our e-mail and missed our 2007 Escuro. I know we offered our 2007 Escuro and also our 2006 wines at $99 a case but our cost is $108. I hope most of you know we can not stay in business unless we can sell wine at higher prices, especially with this Harvest. We are down 40% so far in our Harvest. We will only produce 2500 cases. We sell 4500 cases every year and we sold 400 cases in the last few days at an average of less than $110 a case. I am Breaking Bad. I need to maybe raise my prices? 

I want to make a personal message to one of our special customers. N, I know I can't please everyone so I hope you understand........


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