David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

December 5 - December 11, 2010 

Friday December 10, 2010

This time of year is slow so I have little to say. Matt, Bruce and I did taste many of the Zinfandels we harvested in the last few months. Our Estate Zin and Block 4 are tasting great even though they are high in acid. They should smooth out with a little more oak than usual. We also tasted many of Bruce's Zinfandels (The Wine Guerrilla). It looks like we will be taking some of his lots. I am not sure what I will call the wines. We will also be producing two wines I talked about in the past. One of the wines will be our Zinfandel from the Raisin experiment. It needs a lot of oak. It has great potential with an interesting beginning and end. I think a little Petite Sirah and some new oak will make this a very interesting wine. There is no hint of a raisin or any hint of burnt flavors. Also from this same Burnett Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley we took some grapes down by the creek and the wine is very good. We will also be bringing out a Zinfandel from Russian River that is already showing great balance. All these wines will be offered at very reasonable prices after the first of the year. We are hoping to have all of our wines blended by the end of the second week of January. 


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