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arrow September 18 - September 24, 2011

Wednesday September 21, 2011

I learn something new everyday, so I am confused......I thought every September 21 was the first day of Autumn and the day when we see 12 hours light and twelve hours dark all over the world. Now I hear I was wrong, the equinox will occur on September 23.

I digress.........My mother Vivien had a relapse. We are still not sure how debilitating it will be. She fell down at a restaurant and broke her pelvis. I was not there and have been monitoring from afar. My Sister, Lynda is monitoring and doing a great job. I sent her 13 pounds of tomatoes. I have way too many tomatoes.......maybe I should sell some or give them away.

Harvesting this week has been predictable. I hate predictable so I stopped picking for one day. We were getting 24 or 25 brix but real high acids again. The area we will go to tomorrow is heavier so I wanted to give it another day. In the past this area has had good sugar also.......we will see about the acid.

We have 7.5 tons of Zinfandel in. Matt tells me Mounts has some zin in but I am happy to have over half our zin crop in when I am hearing from our local paper that no one has harvested red grapes.

As I have said before no one asks me what is going on. That includes wineries or the media. I can understand but I have a wealth of information in my mind after 33 years of harvests. It was interesting I did get a call from a new staff writer on our local Santa Rosa Press Democrat paper. She was referred to me by someone who liked my wines. She called after her article so that was nice, But in her article, no mention of red grapes and only 2% of the crop in....long story.

The plan is to harvest the rest of the old vine zin in the next two days AND then harvest our Sauv Blanc on Friday. Next week could be Barbera and Block 4.

I found a few cases of 2009 Barbera  so we have started to serve it here in the tasting room and for sale on the wedsite order form.

Again I have been very depressed about this economy. I feel for people who are not doing well. I know the Republicans are doing anything to stop the re-election of Obama. He needs to step up other wise we could see a drop in the stock market, especially if a Republican is elected president next time.

Sometimes I think the Market is the most interesting thing.

Am I the only one to see that the stock market has gone up dramatically when a Democrat president is in office. Here it is another time. Why does the Market keep going up after all this bad news. The 30 stocks on the Dow Jones Industrials have gone up 68% as of today September 21, 2011 since Barack Obama has been president.

The big question is this: Why do the Republicans and also Wall Street experts dislike Democrats?

If no one else is going to step up. I am confused..........., again, why is this history repeating it self. I am thinking about doing research and I would love to pay the smart person to help me do a book about WHY has the market gone up for a century when a Democrat president is in office????

I am ready for tomorrow, the Market begins again at 6:30Am my time. I will be here and so will Catarino and the crew, thus I am most interested in the start of Harvest again. It will be an adventure, but I love a challenge!!!!

Tomorrow, Forchini............

Thursday September 22, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned the Dow has been up 68% since Obama has been president. I don't want to hedge the truth like politicians so I have to correct my wrong statement. I was actually looking at the low in March of 2009 right after he took office. The real number is about 40%, but the Dow has been up as much as 95% from the low in March of 2009. The Market plunged again today so I have started buying again. I could be wrong.

Today Andrew Forchini brought in a half ton of Zinfandel grapes for the Wine Guerrilla from a new vineyard. This year we are custom crushing less fruit for Bruce the Wine Guerrilla.

We received the last of our old vine Zinfandel from our vineyard today. The total came in at 10 tons up 13% from last year but down a ton from the average in the last 15 years. I am happy with the quality and the total is what I was planning for.

We have decided to take a break until next Monday. On Monday we will process our Sauv Blanc and also our Barbera. On Tuesday we will pick some Block 4 and see what we get in sugar. There are at least 6 different varietals in that section so it is hard to know the sugar until a load comes in. It is usually ready a week after we finish our 100% Zinfandel so I am confident we will pick for 3 days.

Kate and Paul are back so they have their 6 month old kitties back home. I will miss Noe and Hayes.

Friday September 23, 2011

I hate the R word. I would never use the word on my label. If I ever would use Reserve, it would be on the Zinfandel in our 3rd Block that we got yesterday. This was the best stuff. Like I said the other day this is the section that produces more and gets the best sugar. I think this will produce the best wine SO I will keep this lot separate, but I won't call it the R word, maybe Special Lot OR even Ultimate Zin.


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