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arrow October 30 - November 5, 2011

Tuesday November 1, 2011

It has been a long time since I have had a chance to see a movie. I have been waiting for nearly a year to see "the Fighter". We have seen one hour so far......I am taking a break. Pat would rather see a movie all the way through and I could wait as much as three days. We have compromised and I get as much as 30 minutes. I can live with that tonight since I saw all of Micky Ward's fights. A great movie so far and I am enjoying the escape.

We finished Harvest today. I have mixed emotions. Harvest is the most intense time of the year. It is over!!!!!! so everything will get easier. I Love Harvest but I will accept the break.

I have to get back to the movie so I will give much more detail tomorrow............... 

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Yesterday we harvested a little over one ton each of Aglianico and Mourvedre. In our vineyard, they are the hardest varietals to get ripe. In fact this will be the first successful harvest of Aglianico. It looks like the sugar should swell up to 25% which will give us an alcohol of over 14.5%. The Mourvedre will be blended into the Terre Melange so at 23+ sugar it will be fine since the Grenache and Peloursin came in at higher sugars. Today we are pressing many of the varietals that will go into our 2011 Escuro and tomorrow will be Carignan. Next week we will have all the wine in barrels and I can start working on the blends for the 2011 harvest.

Saturday November 5, 2011

My Father, Frank Coffaro died today 58 years ago. I was 10 years old. For many years after that I was afraid my Mother, Vivien, would leave me too. Lynda and I have been fortunate. Vivien is alive this day nearing 90 years old. She still wants to be in control sometimes. Pat says she is crafty, I agree. She is home tonight by herself for the first time after several weeks when someone was watching her 24 hours a day, whether it was in a hospital, recovery home or even in her own home. She said the last person in her home last night, stood motionless while Vivien watched a movie. I asked her why she wouldn't ask the person to go away. She said she tried. Now she has her wish. She is alone again. Someone came in for 4 hours from 4 to 8 in the last two days. We will keep this schedule for now and Lynda will be back Tuesday. Lynda and I are encouraged. We still worry after 58 years.

Why do we judge people by how WE as an individual, think and act? I always have opinions about all people I come in contact with and I sometimes feel guilty that I judge them...................long story

I have David Coffaro Winery as a responsibility. I remember in 1969. I got hired by Bank of America. I was on the 42nd floor in San Francisco. I was 26 and I loved it. I was making $665 a month, better than Schwabacker at $400. I loved the Stock Market..............It is still easy for me. BUT I could always go home and escape with no responsibility. Now at 68 I always have to think of the next day for our winery. I tasted some barrels today and we have great wines.......... 


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