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Thursday February 3 2011

I am hearing that some of you like it when I make tasting comments on my wines. I have said in the past that I don't like making comments because I would certainly perceive a wine different than you, but here goes anyway with some recent wines I have tasted:

It is nice most of the time when local winery employee trades us, one of their wines for ours. I tried a Ferrari Carano 2007 Cabernet compared to our 2006 Sonoma Cab, 2006 Dry Creek Cab and our 2007 Cabernet. I tasted over three days and was happy to find out that the Carano Cab held up well. On the first day it seemed to have less fruit and brightness compared to our Sonoma cab and even the Dry Creek but it seemed to hold up a little better after the 3rd day. Our 2007 Cabernet had loads of fruit on all 3 days and I enjoyed it as much as the Carano. The two 2006 cabs were better the first two days.

Last night I finished tasting 4 of our wines over 5 days and 5 Zins over 4 days. I tried the 08, 09 Estate Cuvee's. The 2008 held up well for all 5 of the days. The 09's were young and the 16 month aged Estate Cuvee had more oak but was smoother. The 2009 Estate Cuvee bottled in July had more fruit though. Last Sunday I opened many My Zins and consumed them with pizza. After 4 days the 2006 My Zin was still fine. Even on the first day I noticed the wine has smoothed out over the years and for those of you who like an aged wine I feel it is ready to go. I prefer a younger wine because I feel they hold up better to food, especially pizza. I enjoyed the 2008 with pizza while I thought the 2007 My Zin had lost some fruit after the 2nd day. Both the 2009 My Zins are young and could stand up to any food.

The other wine I tasted was the 2010 Sauv Blanc that was bottled without labels two weeks ago. It is intense with an interesting layered complexity. I assume the complexity could come from our experiment with Acacia wood instead of traditional Oak wood. I love the acid and it will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few months. We should have the labels in April.   

8:00Pm: Ok I was right about the Stock Market but I sold 30% of what I owned late last year after the elections. As I predicted the Republicans are in control so spending will continue and thus the Market will advance. I am waiting for March and April when most of our income comes in and then I can reinvest what I sold back in November. I sold mostly Amazon at 170 so now it is 174 but it was 195 one week ago, I am looking to add next month at hopefully a little lower.

Tonight I am tasting 2008 Block 4: COMPLEX it still has a hint of smoke, maybe from the fires in 1998 up in Lake and Mendocino County but it is definitely one of my favorite wines. We will be here for Super Bowl Sunday and I want the best team to win. 


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