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arrow March 11 - March 17, 2012

Wednesday March 14, 2012

It is three more days to Sharon's birthday so I will mention her. Sharon was my first girlfriend. I wanted to marry her, but there were complications so I will have to continue tomorrow. After all I have until March 17..........

Ok I have had a cold or something.....I am having explosions out of my mouth and nose that just makes me more irritable. Colds get me upset because they are annoying and of course not necessary in most ways BUT to get you ready for anything. Since Monday I have been very upset.....cold,,,,,,,, but Pat, Catarino, Salvador and Martha and, Cindi......She was here Monday and Tuesday when I was thinking..........All helped.

We had rain.....................

Monday I had to focus... what is next.????? It was easy when we saw our sales increase over the last wine  Road Barrel weekend. People came back on Sunday to buy. The zins are great!!

Next, we got out an announcement for the new 2010 16 month release for those who had purchased.

Labels for 2011 have been an issue......long story

The most important thing I had to focus on was our new offering on March 31 when there will be more options, especially for us to follow all the changes. We will have new 2012 and 2011 offerings. The 2011 will only offer 16 month versions. The new pre offer 2012 Futures will offer both the 10 months and the 16 months. Ok, more tomorrow.......

Thursday March 15, 2012

Yes, Sharon's birthday is March 17, 1944. St. Patrick's Day. It was fun to celebrate with her for a time. I have to cut this short because my wife Pat may read this or especially Kate who reads my diary at times. The complications were two fold. She was 16 and I was 17 and her father did not approve of me. He thought I was not going to amount to anything in my life and he was wrong to think I did not respect his daughter. Sharon and I had a nice time for less than a year and then occasionally met each other on the sly. After two years it was obvious to both of us, the infatuation was over.

Matt is here early working on the next wine barrels to go into the freezer. This time it will include our 2011 Sauv Blanc, sparkling wines and late harvest petite sirah. All those barrels were fined yesterday and go into the freezer for a week to cold stabilize. The freezer is great and maintains a constant 25 degrees.

The label preparation for our 2011 wines has been more complicated this year and thus more expensive. On all reds except Cabernet Franc which is sold out, we will offer both 10 month and 16 month versions. The labels for the 10 month version will be our typical green while the 16 month version will be in red similar to our Ultimate Cuvee. This has involved a lot of proof reading and we hope we have it right. The labels should be ready by the end of April and we then will label our 2010 Ultimate Cuvee and bottle and label our 2011 Sauv Blanc and Late Harvest Petite Sirah.

My eruptions though my nose and mouth are still with me but I am hoping after much garlic and tequila in the last two nights, I may have a better day today.


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