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arrow May 20 - May 26, 2012

Wednesday May 23, 2012  

9:00 Pm: I am doing better each day, but I am impatient. My knee is getting stronger. It is now better than my right knee which may be later. I am elevating a few times a day BUT I dislike it because it is hard to get near the computer. So I usually go up and ice down at 11 and 3 and read Gone With The Wind.....82% through. Gee it would have been fun trying to tame Scarlett......what a unique character, the book and then Vivien Leigh. What a performance. She had quite a life after Gone With The Wind when she was 26 years old.

So I have been grouchy again. But at a good time..........Pat and I have been invited to a dinner by nice customers who are friends also. It will be my first time to drive my car into Healdsburg 20 miles round trip. At some time I am planning a trip up to see Susie 850 miles to Seattle so I better get out there. As some of you know I have a 5 series with a clutch so my left leg will get a test.

It is so nice I can walk again so Catarino and I had a great travel out in the vineyard the other day. Our passionate minds were working and we decided we needed more vines planted this year. So I ordered 100 Petit Verdot vines to be planted in the rockiest section of the vineyard. It is a section that will accommodate 200 vines. Last year we budded our Petit Verdot, planted in 1983 to Cabernet clone 6.....that was 100 vines. Now in the same area we will replant 100 Petit Verdot vines in the middle of the existing 12 foot rows and have a really great blend for a new wine......3 years away.

We also ordered 100 Muscat Blanc. Those vines will go into our sandy loam for all sorts of blending possibilities. I am having fun.


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