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arrow August 26 - September 1, 2012

Tuesday August 28, 2012 

Catarino and 4 other friends are out picking Sauv Blanc right now. I will have more info later.

8:45 Pm:

Harvest is on so I need an escape. some times it is good to do a diary. I never know when I want to do it. Tonight

l don't know where to go next so i will do a few things.

Harvest is Hard. Any one into what we do from grape growers to the final winemaker knows no one can understand what we go through.........but we are only one of millions of corporations who enjoy what we are doing.

Wednesday August 29, 2012

It looks like after today our weather temperatures will cool down for a week. We will probably harvest Pinot for red wine next week but the Zinfandel is off at least two weeks. We checked the sugar in the zin yesterday and we only got a reading of 19%. We want 24 brix so we could be waiting three weeks. The crop is heavy so we have decided to stop watering for a week until the day time temperatures go up again. Most times in September we can see a heat wave into the 100s and in a few days sugar readings can go up by 3%. On average sugar readings go up by 1.5% per week during a normal period which means high temperatures around 90.

Yesterday we harvested 1.6 tons of Sauv Blanc which should produce about 75 cases of finished wine. We are cautious when we press so our yield is less than some wineries. We are using our new freezer to maintain a low temperature during fermentation for both our sparkling Pinot and Sauv Blanc.

Two years ago I put $5,000 down for the right to purchase an all electric car called the Tesla. They are finally starting to produce them so I have to make a decision to buy or not. Pat does not like driving anymore so we do not need two cars and I am reluctant to sell my BMW. I would like an all electric car but I should probably wait until charging stations are prevalent all over. As some of you remember I drive up the Oregon coast every year. I will need to find out how I could charge over night an all electric car. I will probably ask for my deposit back.

I have decided instead to purchase another toy for the winery. I will have more to say later. The new toy will do easier analysis for us.

Friday August 31, 2012

Tomorrow is another day.......

Every day is an adventure......as you may know i have other interests.........like Harvest But I loved Clint...he was amazing......Only one fun thing I did not like............. when he asked the President to do it to himself....I took it not nice. Otherwise Clint was unique like all of us....i loved it.....I am going up to listen to it again. Amazing....how do you become the most important thing in news? ALL kinds of important business news and Clint is King.........

Saturday September 1, 2012

Matt and i are trying to find things to do until our next harvest on Tuesday when we do Pinot. We love Harvest, Atleast I know I do. Matt is doing a sheet describing our next wine club entry. I spent several days completing a new very accurate map of our vineyard, especially that shows most of our planting in between our 12 foot rows. A few of you may be interested. Go to info and look at the pdf. Make sure you zoom in.

Tomorrow is another day............. 


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