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Tuesday April 23, 2013

I own a lot of Apple now so I was depressed after I saw 430 after the close and now 403 in the after market at 5:00 Pm, but I am reading a few articles after i have calmed down. Did you hear they raised their dividend to about 3%. In 30 years I could make back all my investment........... They are generating enough cash to pay all their shareholders back in less than 10 years. Unless AAPL is not going to sell products in three years, I am going to do well.

The passport event is coming this weekend so it requires the most preparation of any even we do all year. We take in less money every year, because ticket prices are very high. We are offering bigger discounts for Passport to Dry Creek Valley to see if we can entice some bigger sales.

There is so much going on at the winery but most of it would be very boring to relate........More tomorrow

Wednesday April 24, 2013


This place is a disaster. Maybe I am blind. I tried to buy wine from them two times today. After ordering the wine the first time they said I had to sign in. I signed in and I WAS RIGHT in expecting they lost my order.........so I am on the page up above right now but I will not order until tomorrow now......Patience is a virtue, virtual is a grace, put it all together and you will have a  happy face......... others would be out of here and never think about ordering again...............  I think there is no place for help on this site. Maybe I am blind BUT if so many others are...............LIKE I would like to buy the wine...... I just ordered but do you really want me to go into categories..........where is the search for a wine?? I must be blind SO I need to check out our site. Maybe

We need a search engine for everything that is on OUR site!! We can do it. Can we do it?

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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