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arrow May 12 - May 18, 2013

Tuesday May 14, 2013

This is an edited e-mail I sent to a special friend who is not with "D" for a long time........he was not here for my 70th

"""""I am now tasting very slowly  a "Lagunitas...Imperial (Matt said that meant something but he did not tell me what that meant. I have a stout here at 10% alcohol so i am a light weight and will only have a sit. I like carbonation late at night........mostly Soda Steam. The stock is doing well.  Gee another small sip.

I miss our times when you were vibrant. I can assume now after years thinking back............"D" was that influence that made us have fun and she is more dramatic than ever today. We were interested because she could keep us up late at night because she had so much to say,,,,,,,. she was here last week end on my birthday...She brought me my favorite shirt and pictures of the past in Fairfax. I know she is thinking in the past now. I am only thinking of the future...........Pat went to a game the other day with "D"......she was here in the Condo after that and ......we ordered pizza and she was a sport after damaging her car......"D" had to park 3 blocks away because this area is a HARD PLACE TO FIND A PARKING PLACE......long story. I go on too long..........but I could give many stories about how proud i was to be 70...................I wish you were here""""""

9:30 Pm:

Pat and I are off again to Kate's Condo in San Francisco tomorrow. Our little Fiesta is loaded with everything needed for tomorrow. We are so excited, because we are ready for the Granite template tomorrow.

I need to think about kitties, dogs are no option for me.......

Thursday May 16, 2013

9:00 Pm: Yesterday Pat and I were down to The Big city in San Francisco where Kate lives in her Condo. We are remodeling and it was interesting to see what was going on. This is a condo that survived the two big Earthquakes in the last 120 years. Yes this condo was built some where around 1893. The people we hired from Sonoma County care about the project. They have found many problems in this 120 year old building with three floors AND this building survived both the 2006 earthquake and the 1989 earthquake.

Pillor and Jimmy found out the wall on the south side is not normal. This section is in the middle of a three story building with 10 foot ceilings. This south wall is slopping forward on the left and backward on the right. The cabinets we took out were sloping forward or back but still looked fine SO Pillor and Jimmy said they had to fix that SO they shimmed with wood all the wall out to hang the cabinets level. It took awhile. Sure we could have had some contractor from the city come in and do the job but would they plumb this wall......I don't think so......Was it necessary??.........YES for the next century

I have sold 25% of my holdings in the stock market in the last week. I am about even on those sales after today.......when the market sold off a little. Remember I invested heavily because when A Democrat president is in office, the market is up BUT there can be sell offs so trading is interesting to guess when to buy low and sell high...............

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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