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Monday July 22, 2013

I know some of you do not know how or what a company is worth. I sure do not know what I think a company is worth from day to day. One of the best ways to see what a company is worth is to see what their stock is valued at. That is the best way to see what you could sell the stock for every day. BUT the stock market is an action in the pure sense. Every day the public including all takers can buy and sell a stock.

There are many ways to evaluate a company for the future and past that are on balance and income statements. I want to mention two companies.........both I have done well............Amazon and Google

Google came out with their earnings last week and sold off and sold off about 8% in one day. The stock has since recovered. Now I look what the stock market says what Google is worth and I see it is worth twice as much as Amazon. I think Amazon is worth as much. What do you think? So how do we value a company?........by earnings, by reputation, by longevity, by sales, by monopoly???????...........I am still learning........

I tasted several more 2012 wines in the last week. I was so impressed.........but I had no comparison except a Sicilian wine, very good...........then tonight I tasted a wine that Cindi wanted to use to top off a barrel. This 2011 Estate Cuvee was opened four days ago so we usually recycle into the barrel. This 2011 Estate Cuvee aged 16 months was really good, especially compared to the newly bottled 2012's. The 2012 wines will be great, better than the 2011 wines but I am going to enjoy the 2011 wines for the next few months until the 2012's take time. Blending the two wines is really interesting!!!!!....... I will still try some 2012 wines and I am transporting some down to Irvine.

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