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Sunday September 1, 2013

I have invested in the stock market since 1962. I have never invested in a crude oil company. Gasoline is something I thought would be gone long ago. As some of you know this whole property including our house is under solar. I invested in solar companies way back in the 70's and saw most of them disappear, except for Real Goods. I also saw "Who Killed The Electric Car" and I was depressed because we could have had an electric car many years ago.....I digress......I am doing research and may buy a Tesla........

Tuesday September 3, 2013

All three ladies in my immediate life, Pat, Kate and Susie have been against anything I purchase. The three ladies do not like to spend money. I am sure the younger ones were conditioned by their Mother. Pat does not want changes. "Dad is making changes and it will be expensive......".....BUT I love spending money

Of course this was way after I purchased this vineyard. I think I have done OK. I can't discuss the Tesla with the 3 ladies because I know i would be in trouble......

Harvest is tomorrow and Thursday. On Friday I am heading off to San Rafael, the close place with a Tesla center. I hope to learn more.

Tomorrow we are harvesting our Pinot for our 14%+ alcohol red wine. On Thursday we will make some more sparkling wine from Barbera and Zinfandel. It will be a fun time......

As I have said I am thinking about a Tesla so this was interesting on their forum......As you can imagine you could search many comments this great environmental person received.........

How negotiate charging in NYC garage

I have been trying to charge my MS at home in the Garage in Manhattan UES. I had a nice relationship with the guys when I parked my ICE.

Have had MS (That means Model S, i guess,,,Dave)  for 6 weeks now. After a LOT of tipping (hundreds of $) they plugged it in every night for a week, but then said that the manager at the main office had called and ordered them to stop and they claimed that they read on the Tesla website that each charge costed $17, which is obviously BS.

Since I drive about 30 miles a day I know the actual charging cost is around $1. But even if I offer them their claimed $17 I am not allowed to plug in.

Head office doesn't return phone calls for a month. I brought up the benefits of the MS with the local manager in the garage. I mentioned that there is no exhaust fumes so their employees all stay healthier and that the car generates less heat so that the garage could save on A/C. A lot of the ICE cars sit idling at the garage to keep them cool for their owners, creating a tremendous amount of heat and exhaust fumes in the garage. They seemed really low brow and couldn't connect the dots about any benefits with an EV.

So now I charge during the day at work instead which feels really backwards since there is more surplus power at night. Daytime charging obviously defeats some of the car's purpose of the of saving the environment and puts strain on the NYC grid which is already on the brink of collapse on hot days.

There are 3 Charge Point stations around my block where you can charge overnight, if you can find an open spot (often occupied), but then you need to move the car when done in order to let other EVs charge. So that actually creates more work than going to a gas station and so defeats the purpose of the car.

I have essentially given up on my garage at my building (apart from refusing to plug it in, they also damaged it by driving crazy fast in the garage and bumping in to things) and am now shopping around for a garage where I can plug in at 110V right at my spot without moving around (110V is sufficient because I drive fairly little). There are plenty of garages with 110V outlets, problem is how do you get the garage to agree with your usage? They don't seem to care about the exhaust and heat arguments.

Anybody who has managed to secure a deal with a garage with charging in NYC I'd love to hear about it and what arguments you used to negotiate it!

Wednesday September 4, 2013

Today we harvested Pinot Noir for our first red wine of 2013. The sugar came in at over 26%. The acid numbers were strange. We have a PH of 3.3 which is good acid and a total acid low. Usually we have acids in balance from this vineyard. It will be interesting to see what the Zinfandel comes in at. Catarino informs me that the old vine zin is now showing a lot of second crop bunches which are very red. We will have to be careful when we pick it, probably at the end of next week. We did a test of Petite Sirah yesterday and got a surprising 24 brix. We may have many varietals ready at the same time.

Tomorrow we will pick some second crop Barbera and Zinfandel in a new section. We will start another sparkling wine. I am enjoying our sparkling wine very much lately. In the past I had tasted a white wine before red in the evening, but now I usually open a sparkling wine and it holds up for three days with good carbonation.

Thursday September 5, 2013

It has been another successful harvest day. We decided to pick 4 varieties to make my first Dave's Sparkler. This was all from unripe fruit that has in the past been dropped to the ground because we want to help the other bunches to ripen for our concentrated red wines. Now that we make sparkling wine we can use these grapes to make an interesting wine. There is nothing wrong with this fruit if you like high acid and low alcohol......that is a still wine, the start of sparkling wine. In a few weeks we will add sugar and yeast to ferment in the bottle. We brought in Barbera, a new section of zin, Grenache and Cab Franc. We got 19.5 sugar and great acid. It will make a nice effervescent wine.

We checked zin again and it looks like we will harvest sometime next week. The forecast is for very hot weather in the next several days......

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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