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arrow January 20 - January 26, 2013

Wednesday January 22, 2013

Bottling began yesterday. We only bottled three 2011 wines aged 16 months. Pat and I tried two of the wines compared to the 10 month aged version which was bottled last July. The third wine was our 2011 Ultimate Cuvee which has only one bottling after 16 months. Pat and I preferred the Pinot Noir aged 10 months compared to the one bottled yesterday aged 16 months. The 2011 Grenache aged 16 months was preferred over the one aged 10 months. Remember these wines bottled this week and possibly next week will be somewhat in shock and will show better after two months.

1:00 Pm: Yesterday we had no problems and we had a tech here to make sure our new label station was working well. Today is a different case..........we have lost over an hour now. Our new label station was purchased so we could automatically apply the strip label on the back of each bottle which states "Barrel Aged 16 Months". The size is small and there seems to be a problem with the new label station handling something that small because the backing paper is ripping. We can correct the problem next time by using stronger, thicker paper but we must deal with the problem now.

Saturday January 26, 2013

All our 2011 Wines aged 16 months have been bottled. We had plenty of down time caused by the new strip label applicator. We will use stronger backing material the next time. I have tasted most of the wines and will finish tonight. It is somewhat hard to notice much difference between these wines and the ones bottled last July. Sometimes the 16 month aged wines are smoother than the 10 month versions and other times they seem a little thinner, probably because they just got bottled. The Estate Cuvee and Block 4 will be fun to try tonight. Monday we plane to bottle our 2012 Sauv Blanc and 2012 Fresco (A low alcohol wine). It has been an adventure trying to find room for all this wine.

We have a new phone system.......We went to VOIP. We have a wireless company in Dry Creek Valley which provides us internet service so we have hooked all the equipment up to our router. It seems to be working fine now. I did not like the service I was receiving from Sage and AT&T in the past and the cost for our three lines was about $170 a month. We now have a free fax line and two lines that roll over for a cost of under $70. Ring Central has been amazing through the set up. They have people mostly in The Philippines, who speak great English and will stay on the phone with you forever. They are also so nice. I even had a representative from Colorado who sent me an e-mail stating that he heard I might need help. We have are old number 707-433-9715 roll over to our digital lines. I decided to keep our old analog cordless phones. At first I was told they did not sell cordless phones so I did some research and found out we could purchase a converter to take the IP line and took it right up to our cordless phones. It took a lot of time but we are seamless now. We also had to figure out how to process credit cards. I found out the new card terminal readers can be hooked up to my router and process credit cards. Today we also installed a new analog line with AT&T for the minimum cost of $18.25 plus taxes. We have cordless phones hooked up to that line and will give the new number out to our two daughters. This new analog line could be used for credit card processing or emergency phone calls in case our internet goes down.

The stock Market!!...... I have held onto GOOG and just sold a little AMZN at a new high but I have been buying more AAPL. I am getting creamed!! After selling some Apple late last year for 634 a share it has plunged to 440 and I have been purchasing all the way down including Friday. After yesterday I now have an over all loss. 5 points on the upside will get me back to even BUT if it continues to fall I will not be happy. I still have more money in Google but I have as much money now in Apple as I do in Amazon. Amazon usually goes down about this time of year until March or April so I may sell some before the earnings are announced next Thursday. I usually sell too early on my winners and hold on too long to my losers BUT I have done well since Obama has been in office.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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