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Thursday December 12, 2013

They are trying to get me down to The City where our condo is..........where I am invited once in awhile. They know I lived in San Francisco as a child, teen and into my twenties before I left for the North, first in Marin County and now in Sonoma County. I tolerate The City but prefer the country where I did not grow up. I found my place
So Susie has a birthday on Saturday. She will come home from Seattle on December 20 AND she wants to celebrate her birthday in The Big City. I said I will stay home, I would rather to be in the Country, BUT I guess I could go down and visit my soon to be 92 year old Mother and park my Model S in her garage. I won't park it in the San Francisco streets..........

Patience......I think I have so much of it in certain things. When I have a delivery from Amazon, I like to wait and appreciate it at the right time. When I eat something, late at night, I like to savor it slowly. just two to mention.......now Pat and I are waiting for the right time to finish Breaking Bad. I think Pat would like to see it 5 episodes an evening, I am more patient. It has been my favorite series in the last 6 years. We just started the final season and will finish it on Tuesday, just before Pat leaves for The City on December 18.

9:00 Pm: I just went out side without my shoes for the first time in several days. It is 40 degrees now so not too bad compared to low 30's the last few days at this time. At 6 am it has been in the mid 20's. Our weather station is not uploading for now and Brad is off on a vacation. I have way too much to do planning on our blending and bottling in January and February so I have tried to get the weather upload working but have given up. It has been a time when I have put socks on a few times and worn shoes in the evening, but I have hopes the temperature will be OK for now.

Soon we will be driving down the coast to charge at every Supercharger on our way and back through Harris Ranch to charge. It will be fun.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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