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arrow March 9  - March 15, 2014

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Bad news........The North Wind Is Up..............Every time the North wind Blows hard through this valley, we know the fog is gone and temperatures will go way up to the 80's and 90's..........but that will dry out the land

Most of the people in Sonoma County will not have enough water, by rain, to satisfy them through the year. We here are fortunate to be on a great well but others around here may run dry...........and farmers are fearful of the Frost!!!! In some places in Sonoma County there are several days of below freezing temperatures. That can destroy tender crape shoots.

The County may stop farmers from using their water for overhead sprinklers that create a mist to cover the shoots. We need a lot of rain especially after hearing it could get up to 90 this week end. We will start irrigating next week with our drip, but we have no frost protection. The land will be dry and without moisture in the soil, a dry surface will keep in the cold on a morning when it gets down to 28.........A whole First crop would be gone.....a second crop could be interesting because I have heard we would still get 50% or more...........I like a challenge so if we get a frost, I know I can still make great wine...........

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