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Thursday March 27, 2014

I have a problem with the sate of New Hampshire again. You could search if you want but in the past I had a great deal of trouble convincing them to take in several hundred dollars in their state in taxes with no conflict. I just wanted to renew a lapsed permit BUT of course they continued to accept my money...........long story...........look it up if interested...........

So this time they want me to put in Fed Ex tracking numbers. Wow, no other state asks for this. They already have all addresses of every customer who receives wine from us. They know who buys alcohol. Is the state tracking everything else? I assume that is their job. So if they have the addresses and names, why do they need a tracking number. Well they say they require Fed Ex and also UPS to send them tracking numbers of all alcohol coming into the state of New Hampshire. I will have more tomorrow..............

I fell down last night and I do not like falling down. I am guessing the Cast Iron skillet was about 17 inches and weighed too much for me, filled to the brim with chuck roast and potatoes along with carrots and celery and onions with a great heavy sauce. I assume it was over 20 pounds. I tripped on the rise going into the sliding glass door.........I am fine just a few bruises. I will not make that mistake again.

So I see TSLA, Tesla stock is down again, so I am buying more. I see KNDI is down also so I have purchased more back. There is a play on Medicinal Marihuana so I purchased a little of GWPH and a little in NVLX. These two companies do not make money but have a good story. I am buying a few other stocks................

Friday March 28, 2014

I did not hear back from New Hampshire so I assume they are busy tracking all alcohol coming into New Hampshire and I suspect they don't care about guns or other controlling things coming in to their state. One of my friends, a lawyer said I quote:

"BTW, just looked up the New Hampshire law which does indeed require
tracking number either by a copy of the invoice or by a report.

Every state can do whatever they want so long as they require it of in
state wineries as well.  They could probably require you to stand on
your head and send a "selfie" if they wanted....  It is constitutional..."

I agree but I have decided to stop sending money and wine to New Hampshire if they require me to send them tracking numbers from February shipments. They are being too controlling. It has been 5++ years since I have been shipping to the state of New Hampshire and they have never required tracking numbers before. I have apologized and said I will comply next month but let it go for February. This Michelle, is going by the book so I assume I will not be shipping to New Hampshire and the state of New Hampshire will lose a small amount of my money, probably $500 every year.

BTW we do not charge our customers to ship into their states. We have many permits and most sates charge, after all permits and bonds, over 10% of wine we ship. Not all states charge these fees. Many of our customers are out of state and their state does not charge a fee to ship wine to them so we will absorb the fees for those unfortunate to live in controlling states regarding alcohol. What do I know......maybe California requires you to send wine here from your state?

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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