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arrow April 6  - April 12, 2014

Sunday April 6, 2014

My foot is still swollen. I have kept the bandage off my foot for 24 hours and I am doing better, but of course my back is being felt again. I will be careful to get ready to drive Pat down to Santa Rosa in the morning. She is catching a bus to see many Giants games in San Francisco.

I have to decide to wrap my foot or not while driving in my Model S to Costco and back 70 miles. Tomorrow is another day............

10:00 Pm: Ok I am sure some of you have heard about the newscasts saying the market is rigged. WOOOWWW that is news. Any of us into the MARKET knows that is a fact. I agree with Cramer on this one. Is it right, I agree with him again, NO. But I want to go further

The market was my life once and I still like speculating. I like taking chances in anything, but the Market is special. I know this could not be stated politically by a candidate but I would like to say that some politician should suggest a one cent on every trade on any stock market in the United States. We would pay for all our debts and no one would notice their lost of one cent on a trade. The stock Market is special to me. I think the stock market runs this country and the exchanges should be willing to fund our country.

Monday April 7, 2014
Pat is off to San Francisco, about 70 miles away which is one of the smallest popular towns I have seen in my life. It is only a square 7 miles each way. I have seen some of the great towns in the world and San Francisco is right up there with Paris,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris, and Manhattan, also small but long in length and of course New Orleans. Susie lives in Seattle and that is nice too.

I digress, Pat is away.........So pat and Jannie are in the City to see Giants games. Today I heard they will see 6 games in a row. I hate seeing movies alone, but I may have to pull up one while she is away..........otherwise I like to relax

SO I just see I have the Hobbit in 3d, Pat would pass. I will look at it over 3 nights, otherwise maybe too much action for me. Maybe 2 nights, but for sure by Wednesday night.

Today I made it to Costco!! I was shocked when I tried to get into my Tesla this morning. I was shocked because it was so easy. And I had no trouble stopping at Safeway so I am on the mend.

I have been consuming some Tequila  in the last week. It helps me forget my pains. I still have pain in my back but I am doing stretching exercises tonight and I think it will help tomorrow, my foot is improving even though people around me, plead me to go to a doctor. I feel better so they are wrong. Why waste my doctors time, I have read all she could have about second degree burns. Below is what I know i have experienced. I will be fine in another week. My back is another concern..................

Superficial partial thickness (Second degree) Extends into superficial (papillary) dermis[10] Redness with clear blister. Blanches with pressure.[10] Moist[10] Very painful[10] less than 23 weeks[6][10] Local infection/cellulitis but no scarring typically[6]
9:30 Pm: To cheer my self up tonight, I brought up a bottle of green cap, 10 months, 2012 Dave's Cuvee, very spicy and a bottle of 2012 Red Cap, 16 months, Block 4. The Block 4 is more complex and smooth. I will try a little more tomorrow. 2012 is a great year.................

Wednesday April 9, 2014

9:30 Pm: I always disliked San Francisco as a kid, sure there was Willie Mays in 1958. I missed none of his games that I could hear. I went to a few games, but I was only 15 in 1958. But San Francisco was no friend to a kid who wanted to go out and play. It was windy where I lived even in August and usually 60 degrees. I went off a few times to Santa Cruz and also two times in Sonoma where it was warm in the summer. I still remember this one girl said I looked like Elvis. My friend at the time Sharon decided she was my girl friend that evening. She did not want the new girl to give me a compliment, of such. So San Francisco was always cold and still is except about 10 days a year in the district I used to live because when it gets hot in San Francisco, there is no fog or then no wind. It can be stifling because most places in San Francisco have no air conditioning. Most of the time it is in the 80's in those few days, but some times it has been in the upper 90's, with no wind and no air conditioning. The 7 year Itch, the movie will give you an idea about the past when there was little air conditioning, even in New York.

My back was a disaster last night. I had to move around here to organize my new office in my kitchen and of course organize everything removed from the office. Think about removing everything in your favorite room. Everything involved with the winery was in that room and removed, all computers ALL files. My back hurt last night but is better today. I am ready for tomorrow, we will be stripping up the floor to bare concrete. There is glue on the floor so we will have to deal with that before putting on a strong seal of paint. there were so many things to deal with today, including a bee's nest 2 feet by 3 feet in our vineyard. I contacted a real nice person and he wanted to claim the swarm but they disappeared after our neighbors started disking and making dust..............Tomorrow is another day.......

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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