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arrow June 8 - June 14, 2014

Sunday June 8, 2014

As I type it is 106 outside. We have our drip on and we thus should be OK. Most people think the vines shut down when it is this hot, but most of those so called experts do not grow grapes and do not live in upper Dry Creek Valley. Here in Dry Creek we get many days in June and July over 100 degrees and we still grow great Zinfandel and of course many other varieties. We here even grow Pinot Noir which makes a darker flavored varietal wine than in colder areas where most of Pinot is grown. If a sulfur is put on during a heat wave we can see some burning of the leaves. We suspected this weather so on Monday we sulfured when it was cool. The season so far has been ideal and normal for Dry Creek.

Our 20th anniversary party is set for August 16 and 17. We of course will also have our futures pick up party those days. An announcement will go out on Tuesday with details about a wine offer for those who are here and those of you who can not make it.

Soon Pat and I will head off in my Model S again. This time we will travel all the way up to Vancouver Canada. It will be the first time I have been out of the Country in 20 years. It should be fun.

The labels for our bottling of 2013 10 month aged wines have been finalized and I will be picking them up later this month. I will be excited to taste the wines beginning July 7. We should be finished by July 18.  

Monday June 9, 2014

On May 26th I mentioned  these two kittens I received..........OK these cats, not kittens now are getting in to trouble, I have loved kittens and cats in the past but now in my life at 71, I have more things they can tamper with and I am not as patient as I was before. So what do I do?

These cats may have been (Probably were) responsible for half of my e-mail messages to disappear in the last week on two separate times. I know that is hard to imagine. And maybe I am wrong but I have not received many important messages......I KNOW for a fact.......This has never happened before and I know these cute little kittens who are cats now after 10 weeks in life ARE only thinking of food, BUT like cats and unlike DOGS they are driving me crazy because I have to think:.......What do they want to eat?........WELL maybe they remember Catalina. Catalina admitted they liked Fancy Feast. Of course I picked up some at Safeway and gave them some the first day..........big mistake.....they want it all the time now. They  come right on up on my lap AND look at me intently, they do have patience at times.......then they dive down and cause all kinds of terror in our house and wait until I have to go into the kitchen. It is obvious they want Fancy Feast, because when I give them Friskies wet food or dry food they walk away. Of course when they get hungry enough, they eat some in the plate. Unlike dogs, they always leave food in the dish. Should I give them up? As I have said we are leaving on a trip so they will stay with Catarino and Martha. They may not come back...............

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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