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arrow September 21 - September 27, 2014

 Tuesday September 23, 2014

This last few days has been a blur.......Kate has been here and Arlene came by yesterday for the day and night. Unfortunately I had many things on my mind but I hope I did a decent job of relating to Kate and Arlene.

Catarino, Martha, Norma, Jose and Rogelio are wonderful people!! They have worked in the heat for 8 hours the last 5 days, that included Sunday. I will now give them the next two days off with harvest bonuses. We want to start picking again on Monday the 29th and we will be ready, even if rain comes in the next few days

I am mellowing out since we are not starting harvest again until the 29th.

After this year I feel like I am three years older.There has been more decisions to be made than the last several years. I will survive..........

9:30 Pm: we picked Syrah, Aglianico and Petit Verdot today. In the last several days we have also harvested Cab 341, Cab 337, Tannat, Souzao, Alvarelhao and Carignan. The sugars were fine. We still have Peloursin, a little Mourvedre and Cab clone 6 left. Catarino and Arlene joined me on a walk to our Mourvedre and Syrah and we decided to pick Syrah today. After Catarino and his crew came in at 3:30 with Syrah, Salvador and Matt worked until 6. I saw we have a great deal of Second Crop, maybe 2 tons or more. We will start with those grapes next week. They are ready and these grapes will be the makings of my next Dave's Cuvee. Tomorrow or Thursday I need to hit Costco and spend some money!!!

Friday September 26, 2014

9:45 Pm: I sold 30 shares of Tesla a few days ago and bought it back today at 11 points lower. I love my Model S but I also think the stock is to high. I will buy more if it heads down lower than here or I will sell some if it goes up to the old highs..................

Catarino came in today after a 2 day paid vacation, but when he left he asked me if he was off another two days/./???....He likes to be active just like me so I am doing other stressful things to keep me busy.......like paying bills...........like figuring out my inventory..........like balancing my winery checking account for the last 8 months......updating our trust.........looking for a watch that counts calories and shows the time at all times. Most of the watches I have bought and returned do not display the time unless you push a button. I don't need to see the calories all the time. I don't mind pushing a button to see calories. But I do not want to activate the watch by pushing a button to see the time of day..........For me time of the day is a watch

We will start picking again on Monday. It is complicated as usual. I am excited about picking second crop Zin first on Monday.....to blend into 2014 Dave's Cuvee. We will include several hundred bunches of Montepulciano and Mourvedre. It may get warm in the next few days so we will wait on the Cab clone 6...........long story

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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