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arrow November 23 - November 29, 2014

Tuesday November 25, 2014  

It has been interesting to report I drove my Model S down to San Rafael and had service which involves only rotating the tires, aligning them and replacing the cabin filter and windshield wipers and fluid to wash them. No oil change, no plugs, no engine tune up.........no gas........They gave me a loaner a Mercedes small black car which was gutless compared to the Model S but it did handle nicely. They are selling Tesla so fast they have to wait for customers to turn in their older car for a new model, but then there is so much demand for the model that was turned in that they sell if before they can offer it as a loaner. Of course they paid for the free rental.................

I asked about the XM radio which fades out at times so they replaced the whole back window to make sure I had the right antenna. I drove home and went to the few places around here which has some drop offs and the problem is the same. BMW had a better antenna, but my Ford Fiesta had problems on the Oregon Coast also. There are way too many trees up there so I can't blame Tesla or XM.............the whole adventure cost me nothing. I even got to drive my Model S.

I have decided...........no more plane flights for me the rest of my life.....................

I have a new computer. I love to spend money. It has a Solid State drive and boots up in 10 seconds................ 


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