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arrow January 26  - February 1, 2014

Sunday January 26, 2014

9:20 Pm:    
I am still hoping for a confirmation of the finish of our labels............

I got reports to file............computer setup still and Pat is coming home Tuesday late.........I may need a drink...............

The market is open tomorrow so I may start buying. The bottom is hard to predict. In 2008 I was too early to buy, but I kept doubling down. Now the new darlings are back again............Netflix went up again and Tesla is doing well. Here is similar to what I found on many of the Tesla forums, but this guy got it right. We love our Model S

Here is a fan.............

"You only paid once and you own all Tesla Superchargers for no additional fee.
If you bought 85kWh battery pack car, the cost is built-in, no need to worry forever.
If you bought 60kWh pack, you can pay $2,000 once at the beginning and all Tesla Superchargers are yours forever.
Just think as if you fly and your luggage are "free" (which is actually built-in with airline ticket.)
Or you paid once and the hotel soap is "free."
It's the same concept.
Wouldn't you be mad at a hotel if your toilet paper is not "free" after you paid them the night?
Just think as if you paid for a BMW once and all the fuel fill ups are yours for no additional charge.
So how can you tolerate the current gasoline model of paying for each fill up? "

10:20 Pm:

This guy is right:

I had a guy at a supercharger say he does not charge at home. He is near enough in the Sacromento area and he goes to a supercharger up there when needed. Remember he can get 200+ miles at a supercharger. I am an environmentalist, It is not about the money. I agree I am spending a lot............but why should I save my money when I believe so much that oil is bad and I like some of us, I will spend all the money I can to stop oil...................Tesla is the start

Tomorrow is another day...........

Monday January 27, 2014

We are still waiting for the labels.....

Tomorrow Pat comes home so I need to be prepared.............

Nadal lost, back problem so I can suirvive, being a grea fan............

I am not a fan of Manning so I am not rooting for him, Seattle is my new team........

I have to file a report for taxes tomorrow, they will fine me if I don't, I missed last year for a few bucks. +

OK the stock market!! Finally it is going down and it will get better tomorrow. I will but something tomorrow......today I sold all my AAPL I made nice money but I need to buy other things.......................

Tuesday January 28, 2014

I have to pick up Pat at the Santa Rosa airport at 5:30 so I have many things to do before then.....

Saturday February 1, 2014

It has been a stressful time in the last few days setting up Pat to use Quickbooks Enterprise 2014. First she had to start using a widescreen lcd display. Pat does not like changes of any kind. Each day has gotten easier. I also am still working on taxes. I will have more to say at another time.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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