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arrow February 2  - February 8, 2014

Sunday February 2, 2014

Some of you have heard about the drought in California and have asked if I could comment. We just had 6 tenths of an inch of rain today and that brings us up to 2.58 inches of rain since July First. In the last 13 months we have had only 8 inches and we usually get about 50. At this vineyard we have a great well and we don't expect it to go dry. The well is near dry creek and there will always be water there. We started watering the vineyard on Thursday and will cut it off on Wednesday. Of course the State could keep track of how much water we use by monitoring our meter, but I doubt if that will happen. The local forecast looks good for substantial rain starting later this week so we are encouraged. As far as the other wineries around here, any of you interested could read articles in our local paper, The Press Democrat. At our winery, I don't think the drought will be a factor on our grape crop because we have our own water through a deep well.

Monday February 3, 2014

It is another day when we are alive. I am alive and that is a good thing. We have a confirmation that our labels will be ready for bottling the week of 2-17. That means we will be ready for a pick up party on February 22.

I bought Pat a new pod brewer while she was away and I have checked it out and know she would like it, but I know I had to wait to let her know. Pat does not like changes.

So tonight I could not wait longer after she has been home for 5 days so I said "I have a new brewer for you". She was not happy to hear anything more. "Why would anyone want changes". I heard her statement so I said no more.

I like changes, not like Pat, but not at the beginning because changes require a lot of work to get everything right, especially what I have gone through with this new computer and new QuickBooks. But what is wrong with a new pod brewer? She loves tea so I have my hopes since I have an insert that let's us add our own tea or coffee grinds, stainless, and takes the place of plastic containers.

I have a passion for the Raiders and I like the Seattle Seahawks but I was a minority around anyone I know here........including all the announcers who predicted the old man Manning would blow them away. I have usually rooted for young players. I usually root for the underdog if I don't know the team, College football. And Susie is up in Seattle so I was happy.......

My Mother will be 92 on Wednesday so I will be there to root her on..........As I have said before, my Mother Vivien can not see well so I got her a Kindle Fire so she can hear audio books. My Mother lived through changes so I hope she can give this a chance.........

Wednesday February 5, 2014

9:00 PM: I just got back from walking over to the winery, outside and got a little wet, of course with no shoes. The so called experts are predicting up to an inch but that won't help our drought. More rain is due this weekend and could give us a few inches. That still won't be enough and predictions are for another dry period until the 16th. We need 20 inches of rain from now until the end of May. We hope.

I just had a big day. My Mother Vivien is now 92 years old. We had a great lunch at Scoma's. It was so nice. She did not like my Kindle Fire as suspected.

I just got back from walking in the rain again. My feet are finally feeling the sand, Dirt, now with water to make sand. Also there is some small rocks. I have been roasting my own coffee beans for years. I buy "green" coffee beans and have tried many methods. I have used my BBQ lately on a spit. I am now brewing my very strong spit roasted dark roast with Chicory. My roast is very acid and intense, even bitter OR as Pat says ASHTRAY........The Chicory mellows out my roast, like sugar does to acid, but no calories..............

I have heard Chicory has been used in New Orleans for tradition, but I did not know the history of the plant. I have ordered some seeds, it could be interesting............


10:00 PM: I forgot to mention the adventure with my Tesla. Just before I went to bed last night I started thinking about how many miles I would drive today to visit my mother. I woke up many times but I felt OK today with some sleep. I was worried about the range I had on the Tesla. As you know, if an all electric car runs out of power, it has to be towed away on a flat bed truck, probably expensive. Just before I went to bed, I calculated that I would have to travel 215 miles. That is what I thought in the past was a max range. So this morning I took off and missed one exit and stopped for groceries and at a hardware and still had 19 miles left when I got home. I must admit......I was very steady on the peddle and averaged 65 in clear traffic. It was fun.........It was like a game, I won.....no stop for charging

One more thing, when I went through San Francisco up and down Divisadero Street over this steep hill, I used very little energy, according to the range indicator..............

Thursday February 6, 2014

I am still around. Today Brad and I installed a new router. We are hoping things could be improved through our network of 16 items. I have 6 DirecTv receivers all of them need internet so they are on our network. And of course we have 6 computers and I think some printers.......OK 16 is probably right. Tomorrow we will check it out more. Will this new router work better even in wireless.......

We are still hoping for a lot of rain. In the last day we have had 0.83 inches. We need a lot more rain

Matt and I are ready to bottle our 2012 16 month wines. We have a section in our storage building ready across the way about 150 feet from our office. We now have 8 sections in three buildings. Some sections have high ceilings, one as high as the winery steel building. But we are starting to run out of room since we are making too many different wines, over 40 and all have to be on a 4x4 pallet. I won't calculate how much room that would take AND we have to have them flat on the floor in case one of our customers comes by. One nice friendly customer today had to pick up their 2011 wine, a little late but we always want our wine not claimed easily obtainable. SO yes we are making too many wines so we will be offering less in the future.............Or......I could build another building.....NO.........Ok, like I have said before, We planted new vines and we will be producing more fruit for wine SO do we sell the grapes or make more wine. I may have to hire a marketing director................As some of you know I hate to suggest to someone, what to buy. We all have a different palate

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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