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arrow May 24 - May 30, 2015

Tuesday May 26, 2015

We are getting closer to our trip up North so I am making reservations on the way up and back. The Oregon Coast can be cool so we are hoping for some sun for the three days we will be in Cannon Beach. The Surfsand Resort where we will be staying has a charger for my Tesla so we will be fine the next day when we head up to see Susie in Seattle. On the 7th Susie will drive us to the ship. We head back on the 14th and will be in Vancouver Washington that night, Mount Shasta the next night and home on the 16th AND then we will be preparing to bottle our 2014 10 month aged wine.

In the last two nights I have been tasting some 2013 wines. I am very impressed with the complexity. The 2013 Dave's Cuvee is very smooth and jammy while both the 2013 Block 4 wines are very complex. I prefer slightly the 16 month aged Block 4. The My Zin is dark and spicy while the Terre Melange has nice layers of dark fruit. I have also been tasting some of our 2012 Sparkling Mourvedre and Pinot Noir. They both have nice carbonation. I love our sparkling wine.

Thursday May 27, 2015

I suspect very little who look at this site do not want me to talk about politics but tonight as always, this is my diary

Is it really politics when we are considering moving in troops where ever it is in the world? I have always believed we should move all our troops from anywhere in the world. I think it would be fine to have sea and air surveillance all over. But do we really need troops any where on the ground???????? Everyday we hear about  soldiers who come home and have many problems. Is if worth it when we have our loved ones committing suicide every day...................

I keep thinking back when I was only a teenager. I remember in the 50's when I loved the Yankees. Then we had a new radio......what is this??? A transistor?? What is that but I can buy it for $2 and it will help me have the Yankees at recess time and luncheon. I then decided to learn more about Japan

Japan as you know is a very small country so when they took a chance and went to Pearl Harbor, they took a big chance. They failed and decided to get out of the war game

Their biggest achievement since then is produce the most popular cars in the world.............
My big question? Does anyone want to invade Japan now. Does anyone hate Japan. We know there are many nations who could take out Japan but they do not hate them. They are no threat to the world. Isis thinks we are a threat because we have troops and air all over the world. Until we move our troops out, we will be in big trouble from anyone who hates us............I actually have been thinking of donating money to Rand Paul. I only like two things about him. Most of the times he is the most honest politician which means a little and most of all he is not in favor of most wars..........

9:00 Pm: So I just walked out in the vineyard with my two kitties. They would follow me anywhere. I have never seen the vines so healthy, BUT does that make great wine? Most of the healthy crops, most of the time even a big crop, have been the best years in my now 37th. I look forward to another great year............


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