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arrow August 2 - August 8, 2015

Sunday August 2, 2015

Josh came in today which was good. Our experimented fermentation is near end , Sugar is at about 6 brix....................I am sorry I am thinking and documenting what needs to be done tomorrow.

We need to press!!!!!!! I am ready for tomorrow

There are so many variables re: yeast to finish any fermentation but what I found today: all of the new strains are concerned about high alcohol. Well this experiment is low alcohol soo I can't find any thing in google mentioning what we are doing.

we will press tomorrow and I will have more to say............I know some of you have more intense experiences everyday so I hope you enjoy what you do as much as I..................

tomorrow is another day..........the stock market is back again......I hate weekends when I do not know what my stocks are doing............

Monday August 3, 2015

Today was a busy day since I had to go to the bank and to Safeway and to the dentist. Before my trips into town we did press our experiment. There is still about 1.5% sugar left and the final alcohol will be about 13.5%, just what I was hoping for. We did drop the acid today before we pressed and we will have a good balance, a little more acid than most of our red wines but a little less than a nice Sauvignon Blanc. I am very happy.

8:00 Pm: I have an Apple Watch with I said last week. I am still waring it but would like more things........LIKE I have been predicting for over two years........WHERE IS MY projection of everything I want......why do I have to have a phone to carry around........I want a watch, small and can do everything........... This is a start and there are many more experimenting to give me what I want: http://time.com/3982898/smartphone-3d-hologram-projector/

OK the real think I am predicting and it better happen in my last 20 or 30 years. Apple will come out with a Watch which will project something in front of you which will allow you to do almost everything, a screen

So I now have 100 shares of AAPL, Apple stock. It is my new investment. I have more in Tesla, Google and Amazon, but I may purchase much more of appl. Pat owns Microsoft, so maybe because Susie works for Microsoft through another company. She is doing well.

So I am mellowing out tonight after a very successful day. We have Pinot at 24% Sugar so it could be ready later this week. I need to think about the style of our Pinot so Josh and I both agree, since we are in a hot area for Pinot and we can get it ripe in August we should harvest at a higher sugar. On average, Brix, % of sugar goes up about 1.5% in a week so we could still harvest 15% alcohol Pinot Noir in two weeks or less with weather, 27% sugar.............

Wednesday August 5, 2015

Our chiller is being set up and should be ready next week.

Most people do not know unless you are a Tesla owner. There is a very neat thing that happens when you have your control, small key, and just walk by the Model S. The handles pop out and it seems like the car wants to talk to you, like a robot, the handles make these inviting noises like where are we going, I am ready, like do you want to take me out for a drive. It is amazing, after a while sometimes you say "go away, leave me alone........I am not taking you out for a drive". if you see, a Tesla in a parking lot you will notice it does not have any door openings. The handles are flush with the door and no way to grasp. I'm sorry, this is my diary, yes I am obsessed with my Model S...........get this, I have received over my wireless in my garage recently, 3 new software updates which improve the Model S. I have a scheduled service appointment on November 11 and I am talking to Tesla about things to be done.....

I love my Apple Watch........oh I just purchased a bunch of aapl. I think Apple stock with be OK, only my guess.........

So I have strange things going on with the Sonoma County. There are so many departments and it is very confusing to me SO I called Marty a young guy I mentioned before, auditor who came out here and saw what equipment we had. He saw I had less than he thought........long story......... He was very outspoken but backed down and said I would receive a refund. I think I mentioned him before and I asked him why I have to pay $30,000 when you said I would get a refund. I got disconnected finally after 2 hours................Marty switched me to someone else and then I was switched to another department........seriously I thought they were all there to get money from me because I have a property. Really, I understand paying for my roads but I can't think of anything else they provide to me. Sure the county takes care of crime. A side line of their duty you may not know about is to take GREAT MEXICAN WORKER'S autos away from them if they have been stopped for an infraction, even though they have proof they bought the auto. Mexicans are the best nationality I have ever known. All the Mexicans I have every seen, talked to or especially had as my employees, are great reliable people.

OK, the county is saying I owe $30,000 from back property taxes. Marty confirmed yesterday I should receive a refund from back taxes because my accountant screwed up and said I had too much equipment. I am waiting for the refund check............OH I forgot...........PG&E....... still doesn't have their act together. They still want money from me even though I produce more power than I need from my solar. As you can see I have many things going on in my life and I love the challenge.

One challenge is over: my experimented fermentation is through fermenting with nice acid and an alcohol of 13% and we will offer it for $99 a case. We also have an offer for our 2014 Dave's Cuvee tomorrow. I love what I do.

9:00 Pm: so the two kitties and I walked up to the front of Block one, documented to be at least 110 years old, even older then I, OK I am still only 72 so I can dream to be 110.

The vines and of course grape bunches seem to be way a head of time in the past, and even the most ever in my 37 years. My problem when I see raisins in Zin, I suspect we could be soon to harvest. We are ready of course and some times I am too anxious and harvest grapes ahead of time so this is the most interesting time in Harvest but also we need to check acids. We can have sugar ready but too high acid in August. BUT just now we will be harvesting Pinot tomorrow.

I still would like to wait for Pinot, as I said we are aiming for 27 sugar the same as last last year. I know this 2014 Pinot from David Coffaro Winery, is too strong for Pinot so can we make another?

Pinot started in France over 200 years ago. There are bottles of Burgundy, Pinot which are more expensive than Bordeaux. I have only once experienced a Pinot that was great and it was in, I guess 1973. Several of us were into wine and so some of these friends liked Burgundy wine..............even then I am sure we all brought some great wines, mostly French and this Burgundy was very complex and as usual light in style. Seriously, the complexity was worth the evening.

Actually I remember another great Pinot I had. It was from Siduri. I was privileged to be invited to Healdsburg several times when The Wine Spectator invited most of us local owners of wineries to a great event when Charlie  opened his restaurant, the Dry Creek Kitchen to some neat people. I saw Dianna and Adam there one of many yearly events.........long story.............and they were off to the side just like us and he poured me a glass of Pinot that picked me up for the whole evening and until to now. It was not light weight and had great alcohol so I need to contact them and see if they remember what they did. Adam, Dianna and I started the same year in 1994 so we love what we do BUT why did Adam and Dianna sell...............I guess they got too big. I learned from Lou Preston, he came over here when I got a gold medal and said be careful, do not listen to the people who say to get too big. Of course, as most of you know, I listened to him and still walk around in a tank top and low keyed looking buildings...........so Adam and Dianna Have young children and want to be with them more, that is my guess.......

Tomorrow is Harvest

Right now you may have gotten an email for an offer of a wine for only $144 which could compete with any of the wines I just mentioned.........but since we will sell it for only $144 a case you might think it is cheap wine..............your choice

Thursday August 6, 2015

9:00 Am: We have Catarino and his crew out picking Pinot Noir now. There are a lot of raisins and I am afraid they are drying up so we had to pick now. I assume the sugar will come in at about 23-24% but should swell up to close to 25 after a a day or two. I will have more to say later.

In the last few days I have tasted some of the newly bottled 2014 10 Month Aged wines. I also tasted a bottle of 2013 Block 4 and it has a little more acid than the 2014 Block 4. In general it seems like at this stage, the 2014's are smoother and slightly more complex than the 2013's. I also compared the 2014 Zinfandel from the 100+ year old vines and the 2014 RaiZin from very young vines. We thin the sections of RaiZin to produce the same small production as the old vines. I was very impressed with the RaiZin. It is smooth and complex, while the Old Vine zin is more spicy.

3:00 Pm:  We have finished harvesting the Pinot Noir. We ended up with 1.35 tons and a sugar of 24. I jumped on this harvest before next week because last night I saw a lot of raisins on some of the bunches. Those raisins should swell up like I said earlier so we will see where we stand tomorrow.

Friday August 7, 2015

The experiment of non vintage Dave's Cuvee started perking again last night and we saw the alcohol go up to 13.2%, still low for my tastes. I am sure Pat will like it and anyone else who like Rose wines should be happy. It does have a good amount of color though. I gave it a quick taste last night and like I said it is a little light in body for me. I actually will chill it a little tonight and see what I think then. We are still planning to harvest Sauv Blanc next week along with a little other white grapes which I will document in tonnage when we harvest. The next sugar test for that wine will be next Monday. Also I plan on doing a test of one of the sections where we harvest the young Zinfandel for RaiZin........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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