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arrow February 1 - February 7, 2015

Friday February 6, 2015

At the winery this is a quiet time...............we have already today over 4 inches of rain so by meaning quiet, I mean no customers have come by........BUT a new caterer came by to talk to Catalina at right on time at 11am. He looks good for the Passport event. The local ABC, Alcohol Beverage Control wants us to rope off areas now for the event................long story

I got back from a short trip to Santa Cruz, fun time at the Dream Inn for dinner and across the street to stay, nice food and then off to a fresh Lobster for $12.95...........nice time

My Tesla was great as usual and now there is a charger in Petaluma which may be an advantage in the future.

We do have an event on Feb 21 so I hope you all will be here.

It is now 9pm, the rain has slowed down a little but I suspect it will pick up soon so I moved out for awhile......to get an espresso and.........Last night was good.

Last night I was in Millbrae, 90 miles away and since I had 160 miles charged I had no trouble getting home. We had a nice rib roast dinner and celebrated my Mother's 93 birthday. February 5, 1922. I will soon to be 72 on May 3. She is looking great. I hope I can do as well.............

I decided against my wife and Kate's wishes to drive back last night from 90 miles away in Millbrae. I did not want to stay in San Francisco with my Model S in the rain all night........but it was dry last night on the way home so I made the right decision some how........the weather forecast changed by the hour. Today just after midnight we have had 4.22 inches, remember we have a gauge which does not calculate what is real, some have said we have had much more...........all of a sudden at 8:07pm we have no rain..............

I am rambling as usual. I like to say what I feel on times like this. I know most of you are not interested but I want to document things like this............there is no rain but wind intense so what will happen now.........rain...........

so I am tasting a small amount of Heine, lite and nice. Yes it is raining hard again, up to immediately 1.15 inches an hour, and now the wind is up again.........I love these times.............we do not get enough of these days..........I love the weather changes like this day.......most of you have days like this in Most of the country, I would like to be where you are but I was born here so I will visit other areas again but only on a ship or in my Model S...............Time for a light movie with Pat

Saturday February 7, 2015

Some of you may have heard, Siduri has sold out to Jackson. I am not selling, and I think I will not get an offer. Siduri started in 1994 at the same time as we did and it was fun to see them be successful. They made the decision to sell Pinot Noir but I decided to sell Zinfandel and blends because I had a vineyard that produced many different varieties while they had to buy grapes. They have been successful because many people have liked Pinot and will pay a big price for the best which they have achieved. Adam the winemaker decided to sell because he was not having enough time to make wine. There are so many regulations we have to stem through and it became too much trouble for him. I can relate to just these regulations which take up a great deal of my time and of course there are bills to pay. Adam says he will have more time to be with his young children and concentrate on winemaking and Jackson will pay the bills thus Adam will still be in control of the great wines.

Talking about regulations: I mentioned the County of Sonoma last night, wants new guidelines regarding areas to pour wine. It seems the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley does not have a permit to sell wine. They are a non profit organization but they still take in money by ticket receipts for certain events, the most prominent is The Passport To Dry Creek Valley event at the end of April. The ABC, Alcohol Beverage Control wants we wineries to give up our license because the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley does not have a permit so we can not pour or sell wine while the event goes on. Wow I said!! Of course Brad and I had to see through what they said at the beginning........they requested that we give up our license but now after we called them to explain........they say we can have one area for the event and have another area for sales. I have a call into the guy over at ABC for clarification.............we have only one room so are we allowed to sell wine in the same room as the event by just designating the area................darn.....regulations are necessary in this event?

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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