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arrow May 29 - June 4, 2016

Tuesday May 31, 2016

It took me awhile to think this day it is a Tuesday and not a Monday. So i had to have my usual Chicken backs because it should be Monday............

Jesse is doing great so I raised his salary today. Come on and see our newest helper.

So I still say I will sell all my stocks if Trump is elected. I am sorry if you disagree with me. That is my biggest fear for the stock market, Remember I love fallowing the stocks. So if in the last few weeks before the election and Trump is doing well the stock market will plunge!!!!!!!! I may sell sooner but because I can't think of any person could vote for Trump, so I would forgive you if you hate the Clinton's............seriously, believe me, as always the Market does not like uncertainty So that is why we have been in a stale mate in the Market, certainty could happen if Trump starts doing better. He sure made a mistake today..........

Josh and Jose and Jesse were all in today. Jesse was observing quietly what Josh and Jose were doing. Josh and Jose disgorged the 2013 Pinot Noir Sparkling wine. It is fine, but for me it does not have the effervescence of the Resurrection, my favorite Sparkling Wine now. It explodes out of the bottle and even more in your glass. As I have said before we had trouble with the blend Matt made in 2013, now called Resurrection, you could look for detail in my past diaries.......Here is what I am considering for the back label text........

Resurrection Sparkling Wine

"Resurrection" This is our way of saying we brought this 2013 sparkling wine back to life!

When first we put this blend in the bottle, we inadvertently put in too much yeast and sugar. That produced a very vibrant sparkling wine with too much sediment. To remove the sediment and top off with more sparkling wine, we had to put one drop of food grade anti foam to control the wine from exploding out of the bottle. Pour into a flute and be amazed at the violent eruption and then see it settle into many small effervescent bubbles. The explosion in your mouth will be a unique experience, we hope you will enjoy.

50 total cases produced                             Aged in the bottle two years

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