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Tuesday January 19, 2016

The market is down so I am selling some stocks and buying some. I would like to transfer money from our winery soon. In another month we finally get some money in here when Barrel Tasting comes a long and then 2016 "Futures". This time of year we have: Labels, wine glass..........for a cost of over $30,000 so I have to use my line of credit again..........I guess two Tesla's have set me back a little. Of course I spend as much on new toys for the winery so I hope to buy more next year and I won't need a new Tesla, this one is fine........

So I was upset yesterday when the Market was closed but we got organized and even after an adventure we bottled 45 cases of DC Fusion today. It is a blend of several vintages and is only 13% Alcohol, a light wine which we will sell soon for $99 a case............

Tomorrow we will bottle more of our wines, including our 2015 Rose, 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and our 2014 16 Month Aged Block 4.........it will be fun, come a long

Thursday January 21, 2016

Yesterday was a good day of bottling. We bottled our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Fresco Rose and our 2014 16 month aged Block 4. I tried all the wines and liked the Fresco, even though I am not a fan of Rose. Pat is a fan and really liked it compared to the 2014 Fresco because the 2015 has more fruit and less alcohol. I really liked the Sauvignon Blanc and the Block 4. I compared the Block 4 to the 2012 and 2013 and I still prefer the 2013 16 month aged Block 4 to both the 2012 and the newly bottled 2014. I will taste them again tonight. I thought the 2014 was a little rough probably because it was just bottled. Today we will bottle our RaiZin, Estate Cuvee and Ultimate Cuvee. It will be fun to taste them tonight.

Some of you may be wondering what I am doing about the Stock Market. I purchased more Tesla and Apple and I am also considering purchasing more Amazon and taking a position in Facebook. I made some nice money the last time I traded Facebook and now that it is down 20%, it looks like a nice buy.

8:00 Pm: I know Phil would remember................

I was sitting in my bed reading a great novel and I thought about WHY does all my past friends ever look me up????????????

I had a lot of friends and sure I have 5 or so who know us and actually still buy some wine. Our policy is if someone does not buy wine after 5 years, we do not send them emails So someone from my past after 40 years, Kelly called today. We talked for 10 minutes. She was a wife of a great friend and she was fun, but they got a divorce So it was nice to hear she is doing OK and may visit us. SOOOOnn.

It was nice to hear from her and it would be nice to hear form all of my past friends, but I know that will not happen, but Maybe I will get what I need: A few friends like Kelli? y...............

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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