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arrow September 4 - September 10, 2016

Monday September 5, 2016

On Saturday we got almost 3 tons of fruit from Block One. Today we harvested some Zinfandel on our Knoll for home winemakers and started picking our grapes from Block 4. Tomorrow we should finish our Block 4. Temperatures are supposed to heat up on Wednesday when we are scheduled to pick for a winery who is over in Napa valley. We will fill 6 bins for them of Zinfandel from our 10 year old vines in Block 5. We checked the Lagrein, Barbera and Grenache and they are all ready to harvest so we will be picking everyday through Friday.

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Yesterday our Block 4 was finished with sugar about 27%. We will have to rehydrate but the fruit looks great. We also picked a tone of Barbera also at 27% sugar. Today we pick the Zinfandel for the Napa winery. We may have a ton left for us after the 3 tons committed to them. If it isn't too warm we may start on our Lagrein.

Friday September 9, 2016

Nothing special happening here. We have harvested more of our Zin and still have a ton or so of our newer vines scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. We brought in our Tannat to mix with some Lagrein. We also brought in all the rest of out Lagrein. Today we brought in some Grenache for us and all the Peloursin which goes into out Terre Melange blend. Also today we will harvest our Merlot to be blended into our Aca Modot wine. The forecast is for cooler weather so we probably will take off a few days next week after harvesting our Sagrantino tomorrow and the Zin I mentioned.

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