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arrow October 23 - October 29, 2016

Monday October 24, 2016

: It is Pat's birthday so we planned to go out for dinner to a place I was not impressed with, but it is raining hard. OK it was when they just opened up. I have been making homemade pizza since 1971. So I have an opinion and I thought they put too little on their pizza...........especially about the price...........but the price should have no influence in it BUT the price was high for what I was used to in a good restaurant................

A lunch, I was only back one time since to pick up something Pat bought for our workers. This restaurant in Geyserville only 3 miles from us on a road that has few traffic so it should be easy to head over there but it is raining, now about 1.5 inches so we decided to delay a day. So tomorrow or the next day we are heading to Diavola.

The menu looks adventurous and I may like the pizza since Pat and others say I should use discretion.........putting on everything I can find on a pizza.............

Josh and I have a few things to discuss: we have 13 barrels of Zin we have to deal with. stuck at 1% sugar. Hey beer has sugar and many wines are using residual sugar to sell wine so my choice if we can't get the fermentation done, we should referment next year to go dry.........so we would keep several barrels for next year and make a wine with a little sugar left?............tomorrow is another day..........

Wednesday October 26, 2016, lisa's birthday


Tesla: I still have my free money in the stock market. I have always been a gambler. I remember being in Las Vegas and counting cards, it wasn't like being in Tahoe where the rules were different. OK I made a few bucks on counting cards but it all ended after, the casinos knew they had to put up multiple stacks of cards. Check out "counting the cards"...........I had no money then so I only made a few hundreds dollars.............

Now I am putting much more into Tesla. Sure it is because I drive a Tesla Model S but I also hope the environment will be better.

That brings me to two propositions on our California Ballot. I will not go into the terms but I am talking about Prop 65 and  67. It was easy for me so I was surprised by one of my great friends who wants to vote no on both: I said:

"Am I missing something if I want to ban plastic bags?"..............what follows is not a direct quote, my friend, I hope he does not mind:
nope, you didn't miss anything. Politicians deciding
more and more things sometimes by whim. I would have tried to educate
people first. Slippery slope.

I Like someone who speaks their mind!! I have to look into all propositions. I have heard from Kate: there are many in San Francisco...........

October 27, 2016:

I lik my wht wh he I am back, maybe. Somehow I got in another format, now too large?

I wanted to capture what I sent someone tonight: If I had grown up in orange County Southern California. I would still be there. Sure I would not have made wine so it would have been different, Just a thought......

Josh and I are going to talk tomorrow. We still have 13 barrels of Zinfandel stuck at 1%. We will figure it out..........tomorrow is another day

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