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arrow November 13 - December 3, 2016

Sunday November 27, 2016

I am back from a cruise down to Mexico. I only went off the ship one time because I like to escape in to Kindle books. The email situation on Princess is an adventure but has gotten a little better. I even had a chance to hear from one of my customers about our new wine.

Like I have mentions before we need to sell more wine. We have vines in the next few years which will produce well over 1000 cases more. So do we choose a second label? I say NO! So I heard from one of my customers and he suggested a wine with the same label we have. My children seem to think we need to develop a new label that attracts all these new customers at a low price, yes we are thinking about selling this wine for under $10 a bottle. What I think: I remember all wineries who come out with a second label to sell a lower cost wine use less quality grapes. I feel that the wine we decide on will be great quality as usual so my choice is to keep our same label but come up with a new name for the wine.........

OK, I am alone because Pat went down with our two daughters to The City. That is fine with me because I can do what I want. I may look at the second half of the last Raider game because I was on the ship and I missed some plays..........long story

I have purchased back some of my Amazon and Google stock at lower prices. I have also purchased back half of my Tesla stock at lower prices. I am still concerned about what Trump will do as President. I am sitting on over 70% cash. As I have mentioned many times before: When a Republican president is in the white house, the overall market has performed poorly as far back as 1928. Time will tell.................

I am depressed, kidding BUT what if I am right and when the least qualified president in history comes in and messes things up. So great? I am into the stock market like none of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday December 2, 2016

Maybe I am naive???? but I believe the United States Stock Market is the best way to predict the Future, but it takes time. So you might have heard the Market is hitting new highs, so great?..........BUT as some of you know Tech Stocks are down BIG. Look at Amazon, Look at Google, look at Tesla, yes I am buying back at lower prices................

Tech stocks are down, but why?

I am happy most of the time..........I am having so much fun this time of year working with Excel to figure out blending the 2016 wines.

As I have said before, I love what I do. It is easy, but I am not greedy so I am lowering our prices. First like I have said we will be making a blend and sell at very low prices. We have many young vines coming on and I may want to check the quality and see what we have. I am still learning, these grapes should be different. But we also have some other vines which are old and maybe need a new home?............we need to sell more wine. I could have up to 2,000 cases extra...........We will be making less labels. Maybe Terre Melange will go away?

The new wine will be called Dave's Cuvee. We already have a permit for that name...(It takes many weeks these days to get approval for a name of a new wine). Dave's Cuvee started with the 2012 vintage and in the last few years it has been a blend of the last harvest of the year, thus mostly 2nd crop and some grapes that were missed the first time through. From now on it will be a blend of those grapes and many other varietals I choose to use. This will include grapes from old and new vines. It will be bottled this year in July. Soon we will offer it on "Futures" for $12 a bottle which would be $9 for Club members and $10 for Vintage Circle. We will blend the wine later this month so come by in January to taste.

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