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arrow December 18 - December 31, 2016

Thursday December 22, 2016

I have to think about the Future. Most of this time is thinking about my family, but we need to blend

I went down to see my Mother and she did not look happy, as I have said before at 94 years old you have to be happy OR why would you want to be alive...................

My Mother is tough. The hardest thing she had to do was after my Father died when Lynda and I were 9 and 10. She told us our Father was the greatest we could ever want. Lynda and I have never recovered from his death...................

I went to see my mother on Tuesday. She is in the hospital again suffering from the flu. Like I said she is not happy. My Mother is and was my most supportive person in my life. Even when I had doubts about myself SHE was the one to try to pick me up. SO many times I would go back home in the 60's and say I was so upset with the date that night. We would talk late in the evening and I would make a nice sandwich to pick me up. Let's hope she gets strong again, I remember her as a 140 pound strong women physically then, now she only weighs 90 pounds, but she is strong in determination still. We should try to get her back at her home. Lynda said she wants to be there, but she has to get stronger. She does not want to move out of her house. I will see her again on Saturday.

On a happier note, our blending is going well and everyone has the next 4 days off. We will finish blending our 2016 wines next Thursday. Everyone, I hope you have a nice holiday season. Kate and Susie will be with us Friday.

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