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arrow February 14 - February 20, 2016

Monday February 15, 2016

Kate was here this weekend and we always discuss......I also took them out to a great restaurant in Headsburg, The Parish, Cajun food at its best

Then before that on Saturday I learned about Scalia's death. That was a shock, I will always remember, I thought it was not true. I was not upset..........

As some of you know for years I have been in the middle. I believe in Capitalism to the extreme so I have mixed emotions.

Scalia rarely Made decisions I agreed in. He was conservative to the extreme but he was the most important member of the Supreme Court.
My problem, if it is a problem, is I feel for all people who have been NOT as fortunate as I.

It looks like the Republicans will stop all appointees, but just think, if Hillary gets in, she will be much more tough.............

We have an open house this weekend, so come and enjoy. We will be barrel tasting 2015 wines.........

Then there is the Wine Road barrel tasting, the first two weekends of March.......come and enjoy .......Brad, Dri?

Friday February 19, 2016

Brad is possibly my only true friend. He is always on the phone with me for some reason. I hope it is because he respects me SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO. We could use his help on March 12 and 13. We have no one to help us on the second biggest weekend of our year...........Russian River Barrel tasting when we sell a lot of futures.............

Brad and I have been working on a conversion from Quick Books. I love Quick Books. It has been great for us for such a low price. But we want to go on to a POS system and better management with our Wine Club. So we want to move on to VinNOW, but it has been an adventure.

Pat wants to forget it!!! Brad and I have been working on this for two weeks. For at least two days this week I was obsessed to make it work but I realized yesterday VinNOW can not help us on an easy way to transfer our information from Quick Books to VinNOW. We only want to transfer anyone who purchases 2012 and through 2015 wines. We do not want to bother someone who has ONLY purchased 2011 wine and back. It is a hard job to transfer that information. I gave up yesterday for a short time but Brad and I picked up again. We should move to a POS and an online Wine Cart...........That will take time

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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