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arrow June 18 - June 24, 2017

Monday June 19, 2017

8:00 Pm: I am all upset. Where is Gigi.......she was a challenge, I like challenges.......She is now gone for a week so I have to adjust to a new regiment. Gigi was always in control and hinted that she was special and Cory and I agreed. Most every night she would slowly come down after Cory and I made a fuss. I would shout: Hey: where aaaaaaare you, it is time for dinner, she always said, I only like Fancy Feast so when she did not show up last Monday there could be a problem..............Cory is here now and I understand what he is going through, a little. Who knows what our pets think. You know I am not into dogs but I agree they relate to you more. I just don't want some one devoted to me without understanding my vices. So I like cats they like us in different ways, especially not devoted at all times when in this environment. Of course i have heard cats can be devoted if they are kept in side so that is my problem......................cats like to be outside in the night and it is more interesting than being boring with us in the evening. Cats like the dark because they can see more than us in the dark. I know, cats love it here because they can go out and see things that they could never see in an apartment..............that is my problem!! Did Gigi die because I let her out in the night? Would she have been happier in a house and never went out. I wish I could have talked to her.................

So I will say, Pat is agreeing with me to go down to Santa Cruz on Wednesday. I will have my whole Lobster at The ideal cafe for $17. I will drive my new 100D so I do not want to say more............I am happy, somewhat, where is my kitty

so Cory is out side now always upset, missing his sister.  I hope to go into more detail tomorrow, but I went out side now and told him, he has to go on. At least 100 times over the last three years, I saw Cory and Gigi snuggling together. It is hard for him now looking for her so I am concerned. I hope he survives. Do I keep him in for awhile? Where is she, what killed her.........I have my ideas........tomorrow is another day

Tuesday June 20, 2017

Two weeks ago there were some chemicals sprayed on our vineyard. We were advised by the guy who sells chemicals that if we sprayed this stuff on our vines it would help prevent mites to form on our old Zinfandel vines. Last year I told him I was against it because I think it is better to wait later In the season to see the start of mites forming. I was right last year because no mites came in. If mites start forming in large numbers, they start eating away the leaves and the green color disappears. We need green leaves to get the Zinfandel ripe. Back in 1979 I was warned about mites and I did nothing and as a result my Zinfandel grapes were of poor quality and also took a long time to get ripe.

This product is new so I figured why not try it this year. I want to produce nice healthy grapes so the quality is superior. After spraying two weeks ago, Catarino said he saw two wild rabbits dead in our vineyard and also I saw a few dead rodents in the basement where our cats hang out. Did Gigi eat one of those rodents or did she eat some of the sprayed leaves? I will never know. When cats get sick they usually go away and hide and perish...........

8:00 Pm: I can't dwell on my cats even though they are family members. They are family members because they are here every day and rely on me to feed them. Now I have Cory left. He is not happy.

I never wanted another obligation. So I did not want more kittens at my age. It has been three years since Catalina said she had two kitties for me, a sister and a brother. I always thought these kitties needed someone else to hug them every night besides me. Cory hugged his sister but not anymore. I have to go on............

So Josh and Jose were out today disgorging our new sparkling Pinot Noir. It is sure tasting great and I will take a bottle down to Santa Cruz tomorrow. It is Wednesday tomorrow so I will go to the Ideal cafe and have a whole lobster..........

Josh and Jose are using dry ice to freeze the tip of the sparkling wine. I have explained the process before. We need to expel the slight sediment in the sparkling wine. With our method, the fermentation occurs in the bottle, not a tank. It is slow and some little beads were used this time, but remained in the bottle after fermentation. As Josh and Jose pop the cap after a year, the same cap as in beer, the beads come flying out because they are so cold? Josh knows more than I about Sparkling Wine. I love his new creation. Right away, quickly Josh and Jose stick a beer cap back on. As far as I know, we are the only winery using crown caps instead of corks........tomorrow is another day

Friday June 23, 2017........Kate's birthday my first born.......

Tesla sent me the wrong 100D so I found a discounted Showroom P100D, it will be fast and it will be here in a week.

Pat and I just got back from Santa Cruz, 155 miles south, this was Wednesday the first day of Spring. I picked up the new 100D in San Francisco 85 miles from here, but it did not have the air suspension so I called and they are working on getting me the P100D. The 100D will go 335 miles at 55 miles an hour so maybe 300 at 80 or around turns and up hills, so plenty for me.....but then I thought I have 245 miles to home so I did not have to charge. We stopped in Santa Cruz and spent two nights and did not even have to take time to charge. The temperature was about 70 and was a great relief from the high temperatures here.

So yesterday I stopped off in Marin County and dropped off the Tesla Model S 100D and picked up a brand new Model X SUV loaner. It is also fast and I will have it until my Model S arrives from Atlanta.

So I have sold some Tesla stock, it keeps going up. Tesla's revenue is growing at 50% a year. Some people think this can continue for many more years, if so Tesla could be the biggest company in the world. just think, 50% a year! Back in 1966 I had about $5000 in the bank so I was thinking about making 50% profits compounded on stocks and thought: How long would that take to reach a million. It would take 13 years. Now what if Tesla compounded their revenue for 13 more years: Their revenue now is 8.5 Billion. In 13 years their revenue could be 1.6 trillion. Sure that would be almost impossible? Apples revenue now is 220 billion. Tesla could reach that in 8 years. Maybe that is why the stock keeps going up?

All the sparkling wine has been disgorged and we are waiting for our bottles and capsules on Thursday and Friday. We start bottling our 2016 10 month aged wine on July 5. Stop on by and see the action.......


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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