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Wednesday July 5, 2017

I hope all of you had a nice holiday. It has been hard on me since I wanted to get into bottling and I always want to have the Market open. Today Tesla went down 7.5% and I started buying back.............

Tomorrow we will start with 2016 Block 4 10 month version.  Pat and I checked and it looked like we have sold out the new 2016 Dave's Cuvee so we are adding a keg or two to make a little more of that wine, but it is not on the website anymore so call if interested........

So i am still waiting for my P100D. Finally I heard it is Florida!!! I called this morning and it was not there yet but I did hear it may be leaving tomorrow for here AND with a few stops so maybe I will have my new S by July 14th.............So

I sold 40% of my Tesla stock to justify my new Model S. Now finally TSLA is down 20% from a high of 387. So today I bought back 32% at 331, I sold at 361 so as long as it goes back up I will be OK, but what if TSLA goes down? I will hold on because everytime I have sold Tesla stock I have taken a profit. Volvo announced today they will be all EV in a few years. That is good news as far as I am concerned because Tesla is the first to decide to go all Electric...........I may buy more

Tomorrow is another day............ 

Thursday July 6, 2017    

Today was another day, but complicated if like some of us who trades Tesla. Betting, most traders think the stock will go down so they have been right in the last few days, TSLA is down 20%, but I bet most have not bought back. So when you think a stock will go down, you have the right to sell first so if some sold in the last few weeks like I did, they did not have to own the stock, like I did, so their contract does not end until they purchase the the stock back, a reverse of what I did by purchasing first...........OK sorry but some of you already know this.

I sold a lot of Tesla stock to justify my purchase of a new Model S. Now I am buying back and taking another chance on the success of Tesla.

FLASH, OK a new couple came in today and joined our wine club so I noticed they had a brand new BMW 7 series. OK, I do not like the 7 series I have tried, too plush and no performance, maybe things have changed, I liked my 5 series.

So as he left I asked why he choose a BMW? I asked him why he did not consider a Tesla Model S? I was shocked with their answer. The wife and husband were raged! They said they would not consider a Model S because the back seats where like benches. WOOOOwww, I have never heard that from any forums or else, but I got the impression that was the most important thing to them. They said they had to make sure their grand children were happy in the back benches. Gee, some people like plush, I like performance, I have tried a BMW 7 series

We started bottling today and for the first time, after bottling the first day, we had no problems. Today we bottled 2016 Block 4 10 month. I tried the 2014 and 2015 compared and I thought the 2016 was my second choice, don't ask me now which one was first, they were all great. Tomorrow we are bottling many more so I should have 12 wines open tomorrow night. I promise I will report all..............Tomorrow is another day

Friday July 7, 2017       

I know I have a few people who look at this diary. Like i have said I want to document for me and and one who is interested about what I do. So we did bottle today.

My first problem last night was my espresso machine would not come on. I love this espresso machine but I will have this nice guy come by and make it happen next week So I will do with a back up.

The next thing I heard:....... our steamer went down so A new one is coming Monday...........

We bottled 4 wines today, all 2016 10 month versions so only 23 cases of Italiano and 45 of Petite Sirah, along with Old vine Zin and My Zin so I have said I may not make My Zin this year because we have no room for all these wines............we make 25+ wines and they have to be set on the ground and be available who ever comes in here and wants to pick their wine up, most are people who bought "Futures" at the best price.........So we have to have all these 4x4 pallets on the ground.

So should I drop some of these wines? After several months now offering my 2017 "Futures" the only winery I know who offers wine in Sonoma County or anyone in the world..........before the wine is made? Yes we offer wine before it is made..............

I tasted the 2014, 2015, and bottled yesterday the 2016 10 month Block 4 tonight and I was amazed, I tasted that spice in all of them and I could not choose. Of course I tried all the wines bottled today and compared to the 2015 10 Month version and I had mixed emotion of what I liked the best. I only know what I like at that moment, I usually can taste the different complexities.........So I can say, I liked the 2015 wines 2 times and the 2016 wines 2 times........I will try again tomorrow....they are all good

So I ended up buying back all my 350 shares of TSLA over the last few days. I sold 350 shares at 349 on average a month over time. My new average price is 326. I took my profits before so if TSLA goes back up again, it would be nice. TSLA closed at 313 for the weekend so I have a loss on my new 350 shares

\\?? Where is my loaner X, with Bryan, Kate and now Susie. They have put on more than 1500 miles So where is my new S........I don't know      


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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