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Sunday July 30, 2017

Josh is always smiling, that is nice but he can't be happy all the time? He is doing a great job organizing all aspects of the winemaking. I still have the final decision on blending so I am real happy with Josh. I have to keep him happy, but he is a mystery. He mentioned about using some Ingredients for tannin yesterday, really Additives that are hopefully Nutrients?..........this is all complicated for me. Some sales people and of course winemakers use many nutrients, we do also but not for tannins. I think my wine has enough tannins so I mentioned it to Josh. I, right away told him he could try anything. Then later yesterday I said he should make his own wine.......maybe Josh's Cuvee? I love what I do..............

8:30 Pm: As some of you know I have a passion for ice makers..........just look back in my diary, search. So I finally have a GE ice maker in my kitchen after many years. I now look around I am amazed: what happened to me? Why did I ever buy another brand of refrigerator.........Hey I know maybe I have been lucky with GE, I doubt it though. I have an old GE yellow out in our guest house and it is still working since we bought it here for our first house in 1979. We transferred it over to the guest house  in 2001. It is amazing and still makes great ice and Susie will soon be here to stay. Our old one removed from the kitchen the other day now is with Catarino in the storage building where they eat and break.........., he does not need ice so he is real happy. We have another GE, I can't remember how old this one is.........it is in our garage where my Tesla sits. I store a lot of things in that refrigerator, especially in the freezer...........Oh wait there is another refrigerator in the winery? I have to look:..................

8:40 Pm: Gee.......another GE exists in the winery. Gee it looks better than I have in my kitchen and in the winery one, I only get a small section in the freezer............this frig is for employees? I have many chicken backs stored there so I am happy!!!

OK August 4 7:30 pm:...........I lost what had saved for three days. Brad or I probably could find it. but if I don't I have to talk about Harvest and Tesla......................

Maybe this is a good thing, I love Tesla but they have screwed me with no email return, I have to send 5 or more emails to Tesla employees with no return, please help............ more my fault with these nice guys. Tesla needs help with these stressed out sales and delivery people. I need a break............

OK I will look for what I had sent but you have an idea............

8:15 Pm: I have not heard back from Tesla this evening. I am trying to get a fair deal with this P100D I have. I like it except I have to bang down the trunk or it won't close. No other Tesla has a manual trunk SO why did I get the only one????????????? I like this P100D It is so fast.......scary. Pat said " Can you tell me the next time you want to stamp back my head?" I told her, sorry but I only put it a quarter down......... I told her "it is the first time in my life, I have had the fastest car in the world". Pat said, why? Why do you need this".......... Hey I do not need this P100D. Pat, Kate and also.......and I think........I should get all my money back in all dealings.

I could go on tonight or not, it is early, but I like my book so I can escape...............

So I paid a lot and this has been going on 6 weeks now. I will account all eventually, just tidbits now............ Tesla owes me my guess $30,000. They screwed up so I have to decide on a new 100D or my used one with flaws, the P100D........after losing $30,000, OK maybe $20,000??? The P100D is worth much more. Do I settle for a net trade at this point and lose money or.......or take the P100D. 

Saturday August 5, 2017

OK, enough about my suffering with Tesla. At least the stock is up and I am selling again..........

Harvest is near. Yesterday we did a lot of sugar tests and it looks like we may be harvesting our whites next week. The Sauv Blanc, Gewurz, Muscat and Chard are all over 20 sugar and we want 21.5 to 22 so usually sugars go up about 1.5% a week. Also we checked on our Petite Sirah which we probably will use for DC Fusion this year and it was about 17% and we want 18 so maybe next week for that wine also. Remember we will blend in some of our 2010 wines which we have saved for DC Fusion in the last few years. Our Pinot Noir vines this year have a lot of burn on the berries so we will not be making sparkling wine for Pinot this year only red. We may use Petite Sirah for sparkling. I want to make a rose sparkling this year............

OK, here is most of the story about my problems with Tesla:

I ordered a 100D on June 2 and a sales guy called me and said they already had a 100D made and it was exactly what I wanted. I turned in my 90D and picked up the new 100D in San Francisco on June 21. We headed to Santa Cruz and I noticed this is not exactly what I wanted. It had no option for XM radio which I need and it had no smart air suspension. They took the S back since it was not registered yet in my name so I had a loaner X for over a month, nice car. In the mean time on June 23 they made me a deal on a showroom P100D that was in Georgia, $16,500 off still $26,500 more than the 100D. It took a month to get here AND in the mean time I was required to pay and have it registered in my name without seeing it until July 25 when I picked it up in Corte Madera. I found out when I got home it had a manual tailgate and I have never seen or heard of a Tesla without an automatic tailgate. It is also very hard to close and has to be banged down hard. Also one of the keys does not work and it does not have the latest filtering system. This is the most expensive car they make so how did this car get through the line? I have since at their request ordered  the original 100D which I had done on June 2. Below is an email I just sent to one of the many people at Tesla which has not been too helpful.

"Thanks for the call yesterday. My total for the new 100D is $118,750
after documentation and destination fees. That does not include sales
tax and registration which I assume will be another $10,000 or more. I
have put $2500 down so maybe that could be put toward a service
agreement so you do not have to refund it? Like I said I am willing to
take an even trade then so about $129,000 for the P100D. Remember I did
not get to check out the P100D before I owned it so I did not know about
the manual liftgate or the lack of the HEPA. In all Justin, I have put
up my 90D in trade, sales tax for the P100D and cash, a grand total of
$166,741. That is a lot of money for a 100D, right? The way I look at
it, Tesla owes me over $30,000, but what choice do I have? Please let me
know if this net trade with a service agreement will work, otherwise I
should keep the P100D............Dave"
8:00 Pm: I am upset as usual. Everyone around me know I am never satisfied about.............. is going around me. I am a  curmudgeon as i have said in the past. Beyond Tesla........I have three  or four thoughts about my past. Yes this is my diary so wait a week and it will all be about HARVEST.............can't wait...............

I might have told these before so it is about my past.so think back Dave............I have a few.......... some times in an experience you wish you had done something else. I have three way back in my past..........the one about a pregnant women, a time........another I had one of my hits of grass. Both times were in 1969. Then back in 1960 I was in a park up here here, later.

I can't remember now if I talked about these times in my past diaries but they just charge me to tell a  part in my life that could have been changed.

The first one was probably when I tried Grass again, maybe only the second time. It made me think about more.

So I walk into a room, not mine. I can't remember how I got there..........of course at that time I was always in control even now so it is not important. I don't know who was there but I assumed some friends and I talked about a party and have some Grass. I am guessing now. We were all sitting around, about 20 of us and Grass was passed around and I took a hit and a few did not. I saw a nice looking girl and heard her say something but then I thought I would sure like to talk to her, hey i am a dork so I did not engage in any way. I could see she was intelligent and did not like grass so I have never forgot that. I went home sober............

I just thought of another one on a perfect Sunday in 1965?


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