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Monday May 14, 2018

When I got here in 1979 I went to Garrett's Hardware because I needed something and of course I was told, they have everything you will need. So I go in the first time and this nice lady, wiser than I and knew more than I " Wow, I see your address, you are in gods country." I am not a believer their is a god and why would he transport me to God's Country???

I never saw that women again, I am sure I went over to the store 20 times or more in my first year, but she made me think: I am here for a reason???

Sure we are heading off to Europe where the Pope lives so is that God's Country also. I really think where ever I was, I could be happy. I am fortunate to be here. I am heading off to Italia!! ?? 

8:30 Pm: So i had to have two ounces of Stone Beer opened many days ago, but capped. Sure some carbonation, I really don't care. Brendan, you remember the first guy to come in here to get paid, OK I did do everything here for 5 years. So Brendan and I got together for our birthdays, his on Monday and mine back on Thursday, May 3.  So we talked lot and he is so outspoken just like I am. The other day Brendan said he hated the smell and taste of hops!! i STILL LIKE, OK caps. I love the smell of hops and I hear, hops are good for sleep? OK, So I want to ask Josh in one of his last projects: It should be easy to find for me or him. I do not need alcohol late at night and so pure hops would be good............

Oh, maybe: https://www.google.com/search?q=beer+hops&oq=beer+ho&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.9604j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Tuesday May 15, 2018

OK, have you ever thought? "I would like to have that THING so I can manipulate it. OK, not?.......I am talking about something that will happen in the future, not in my life.............

OK, Elon Musk is crazy, I agree, but he may help in the future and I am sure there will be many young people who will make a statement. Unfortunately in the Future the new generation will have the opportunity to change, even manipulate?

Mellow Dave? 

OK, Mellow out usually means......I need to have something with less alcohol so I have sparkling wine, only 12.5 alcohol or Stone beer which is only 7 alcohol. Now water is my choice late at night so I consume enough to help my kidneys and make me stand up in the middle of the night.

OK< OK< I need to say we will go to Europe. but I need to say more tomorrow.............21 days total, in Spain two days, France and more on the ship and on to Aglianico Wineries.............

Wednesday May 16, 2018

I get upset often and it does concern me because most people around me are not upset so I do not say much. I try not to make it a big thing and most of the time it is not important. Josh is leaving so that is important. Josh is great and I will miss him. Jose will be great and Josh is setting up ALL steps to making wine!! I will be here...........

So the first flight on Business Class is from here to Barcelona. We get in late on the first day but have the whole next day for fun!! We hear from Susie, it is a happening place. Then Venezia

Thursday May 17, 2018

We are leaving in a few days so this is the best place to see where we go after the cruise...............https://travefy.com/trip/gafb6juxyafk7nwx7jft6mtx7jrz6mq?d=6788950
If this link works, I can relaxxxxxxx and not say more about my trip.......??

So I see the link does not work, please let me know..........So after Barcelona we take a cruise from Barcelona to Venice with many stops. The Cruise on Norwegian starts on May 24 so look it up if you are interested in where we stop. After the cruise..........I will try to set up a reminder for me to look up this diary entry because it is a special time in my life..............OK that is rarely true. I have too many things going on to think about what I said in the past, mostly it is about the future and like I have said I am always looking to the Future. Now my Mother is still alive and Pat and I are heading away for three weeks. Lynda is monitoring. My Mother wants to live, she is still eating..............

Friday May 18, 2018

I changed a few things in the post last night so read again if interested. I found out the link above does work so you can check out what we will be doing after the cruise ends in Venice. The big concern now is Air France employees are threatening a strike on the day we Travel. All our flights, Business Class are on Air France. Norwegian Cruise lines has an alternative flight for us just in case............ 


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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