David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 22 -23
May 30, 2004 to June 12, 2004 

  Wednesday June 9, 2004

Today was another tough day. I say that mildly because I am still suffering. I went to my new dentist who I will not identify yet. I arrived at 8:00Am  and left at 4:00Pm. I must admit a lot was done on my teeth (what teeth are still left). AND I was charged over $12,000 in one day. Pat thinks I am nuts. What I have tonight is the most uncomfortable mouth feel I have ever had. I had shrimp salad and could barely consume it. As I have said before the new dentist is reconstructing my bite so that I don't grind down on my front teeth. I was charged this money (UPFRONT to my surprise) but it will pay for all the final charges for my crowns. Today I had 14 crowns prepared including my two implants AND then I had temporaries prepared. That is the problem!!!! The temps do not feel comfortable. I will have more later. I need to drink more wine. 

Friday June 11, 2004

I had to go back to my dentist F yesterday and adjustments were made so that I can eat again (I actually got down to 213 lbs yesterday morning. I haven't weighed that low since 1969. I had enough rich salmon and Aioli last night to gain back two lbs.). I still am not real comfortable because food is getting stuck in my temporaries and it is driving me crazy. I'll have to go back for more work next week. 

Some of you may have noticed by observing our winery camera that we have our new screwcap applicator up and running. It is a real marvel, but it is noisy. Steve and I are having many discussions regarding fill levels on the corked wine and screwcaps. I have decided to bottle equal amounts if each closure on the same pallet. That will mean staking half the wine cases on the back side of the pallet and then stacking the other closure in front. I have decided to set up 5 pallets at a time with about 25 cases of each. That will mean we can bottle about 125 cases of a closure before we have to switch over. The big problem Steve and I have is that even though each bottle holds 750 ml of wine there are different fill levels for screwcap vs cork. I'll go into more detail later.


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