David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 23 - 24
June 8, 2003 to June 21, 2003 

  Saturday June 14, 2003

My daughter Kate graduated from high school yesterday. Pat and I are so proud of her. She has been a joy to be with for 18 years. She is now off to Cal Poly to study Architectural Engineering. She has achieved amazing things in high school including all "A" s, not one "B" (even in advanced Junior College courses). I hope she doesn't get too upset if she does not get all A's at college. She has the potential to have a great life. I post this here to document her achievement; after all this is a diary for myself and not only for customers and other interested persons in the wine world. Also I am posting these comments, because my grades were B's and some A's in high school and mostly C's in college. It amazes me that our children have done so well despite me. I assume Pat has something to do with these accomplishments. 

Yes, my life mostly concerns making wine. I spend on average 12 hours a day consumed by matters at the winery. Since I live here on the property, it is easy to enjoy spending this amount of time. I just walked out in the vineyard and I am happy to report that everything looks great. I am now involved in putting together a schematic drawing to show how all the 2002 red wines will be stored on our property. We store all our bottled wine as well as our barreled wine on this property in 4 different buildings. We do have some wine that has not been picked up for the 2002 vintage and now must be moved somewhere. Also I have library wine (mostly for my consumption), that must be switched around to make room for the 2002 wines. I started on this drawing yesterday and figure it will take many days to create accurately. We start bottling on July 7th and finish on the 16th. 

Tbursday June 19, 2003

As I have said, my life is an open book. I haven't said before, but I am sure you have guessed it, I want it that way. I promise I will get into the impending bottling of our 2002 wines, but not today. 

I screwed up today; I have been told by my family. I am trying to understand what I did wrong, but as usual, I like to state the facts: 

Today I sold my 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. I loved that car. BUT I had owned it for almost 11 years. It was in good shape, but not immaculate considering the age. We were not driving it anymore and I am planning to make the BIG step into a 2004 BMW 530i, which won't be here until October. I am looking forward to the new car, but I am not a person who dwells on the past; So I will not miss the SHO as great a car as it has been. 

I know my two daughters don't care about the SHO, but I had NO idea that my wife Pat did care. Pat has given me very little indication over these 11 years that she cared a hoot about this car. I had to buy it in my name in 1992. When we started to have some problems earlier this year (over $1000 in repairs-not unusual for this old a car) I decided that we needed a new auto. There was little debate. Pat did mention about keeping the SHO because it may become a classic. We even talked about putting up on blocks, but where? 

I bought a new auto earlier this year for Susie, so why did we need this Taurus? 

My BIG mistakes: 

I ordered my new BMW yesterday. I will be one of 4 from a dealer's allocation to receive one of the first new 5 series. SO, I put an ad in the local paper to sell my SHO Taurus. Pat was not around, but I did not think she cared. BOY was I wrong. 

This morning, I mentioned that the ad was in the paper, and I was surprised that she was upset. I had many customers coming in to taste and there was construction going on in our house, but I was around for her to discuss the matter. We had no calls, until an older gentleman called about Noon and wanted to come out. I figured he would not actually show up, but I did decide to wash the car. I could not believe how many problems with the outside paint that I discovered; so I was concerned. At about 2PM he did show up. Pat was real rude to him. Hey I have been married to her for 30 years and still can't figure her out. 

He pointed out many problems and I agreed. We agreed on a price of $3000 which was very generous, but Pat did not agree. This price was as high as a maybe a dealer could expect. Pat said distinctly: "Do not let this car go off the place without my making sure everything is out of the car. I want to take everything out." I said "OK" Then she just left. I forgot she was gone for the rest of the day, visiting a friend. As I said she was rude to this guy and she did not take much much interest in what I was doing, EXCEPT to say I was not getting enough money. When she left I asked Susie when she was coming home? She said 4:30. Pat showed up at  6:30. 

BOY was she mad when I told her I removed everything from the car and let it leave the property. I could not believe it. I have never seen her so upset. I was told that she hated me. 

I have learned since that she wanted to take some pictures of the car. If I had known that, and was told that, I sure would have never let the 1992 Taurus SHO leave the property. 


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