David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 29
July 14, 2002 to July 20, 2002 

Sunday July 14, 2002 

I need to report on how a bottle of our 2000 Aca Modot tasted. As reported Friday Brendan found 6 bottles of 2000 Aca Modot at the bottom of a recycling bin. This bin was stored outside exposed to full sun for one week. The temperatures for everyday last week were over 90 degrees. Two days, the highs reached 110 degrees. I opened a bottle of this wine yesterday and a bottle that was stored in my cellar. No one could tell any difference in the taste of the two wines when tasted blind. A few could tell a slight difference in the smell. Actually the bouquet might have been better. I tried the two wines blind as well as Pat later that night. I could detect a slight caramelized smell in the cooked wine, but I also could tell no difference in taste. I am convinced that this wine will age well for over 10 years. 

I know some of you would like to know my initial opinion of my 2001 wines. I think the potential is great. As usual the Carignan is tasting the most balanced. All the other wines are disjointed as they should be. I found all of them to have a slight toasty, spicy bouquet that seemed out of place. I am sure that that bouquet will become integrated with the wines within the next few weeks. The wines that strike me as the most interesting and balanced now, are the Estate Cuvee, very spicy, the Aca Modot, very concentrated, the Carignan, jammy and the Block 4 for its uniqueness. The Pinot is loaded with concentrated fruit, maybe too much for me, the Terre Melange is very complex and interesting that fascinates me. The zin is a little toasty, but stood up well to my 99. The Petite Sirah needs some time to age, the most acid. Even the Syrah has potential, I'm not a syrah fan. Remember I am very critical of my wines and my palate is obviously different than yours. 



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