David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 2
January 7, 2001 to January 13, 2001 

Tuesday January 9,  2001

A few of you have mentioned that I must be happy about the Raider victory and impending game this weekend. I must admit that I believe if the raiders don't turn the ball over, they probably will go onto the Super Bowl. It is amazing, but actually if they do make it to the Super Bowl, it will be the first time that they may be the favorite. They lost to GreenBay in January 1968, and won three Super Bowls after that. Not one of those times were they favored to win. I believe they were underdogs by more than 7 pts in all 4 of those games. (The Minnesota game in 1977 was probably a close spread?). 

Our blending is going along well with minor problems. We will be finished tomorrow and I will give you an evaluation of what I think. 

Wednesday January 10,  2001

I am very tired since I had to work today for a change instead of just giving orders, so I will make this short. Every thing was going along fine. At 12:10 PM we had only 10 more barrels of Estate Cuvee to fill, when the power went off. After a few minutes I sent everyone home, because in the country we never know how long the power will be off.(let alone our energy crises in California). At 2:05, 2:10 and 2:25 the lights came on for a few seconds and went back off again (a bad sign). By 3:45 I got concerned so I had to decide how to get the remaining 600 gals of wine out of my tank. Of course gravity was my only option. I tried to pick up the tank with my forklift, but realized that the forklift was rated at 4000 lbs and the wine and tank had to be well over 5000. When my forklift started to rise in the back from too much weight, I thought of another option. As some of you know. our winery is up a walkway that has a 6 foot rise in elevation. I had to move the empty barrels down the pathway low enough to drain the wine. Each barrel took about 6 min to fill and by the time the electricity came back on again about 5Pm, I was down to my last few barrels. It was raining and I was cold, but I got the job done. 

By early next week I will have the alcohols and percentages of all our wines. I will then post the info. As I have said before, 2000 should be an average year for most of my wines, which means they should be better than 1998 and I am happy with most of those wines. 



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