David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 35
August 25, 2002 to August 31, 2002 

Sunday August 25, 2002 

It is hard, but I am advised that I still can't talk about my lawsuit. BUT I have decided to set up a defense fund. Don't worry all of you will get something in return. I am going to produce a new zinfandel. I have been making for years a zin that I thought all of you would enjoy. Then I decided to make a zin that I really liked and that became my 1999 zin. It is a combination of Neighbors' grapes and my grapes. In 2000 and in 2001 I have converted back to the demand which was a Neighbors' in 2000 and an Estate in both years. This year 2002 I will make a zin hopefully like the 1999, which I prefer. It will still be called Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, but could contain some neighbors' zin and petite sirah. "My Zin" will show up somewhere on the front label. The initial price will be $15. Let me know If you are interested. 

Monday August 26, 2002

Today we had a high temperature of 98 degrees. Last week we had days that did not reach 80. Brendan did a sugar test Friday which revealed readings that were virtually unchanged from the week before. If we continue to see highs in the 90's,  sugars will go up as much as 3% in one week. Brendan will be back to check sugars on Thursday. We could be harvesting Sauv Blanc by the 3rd of September. We did check a few zin bunches that were at 23 Brix (%), but Brendan assured me their are many bunches that are far from ripe. I predict our first zin will come in about the 10th. 

I am going to make a guess of what "My Zin" will be made up of. I know for certain the only cabernet that will be used will be from the Aca Modot section, about 10%. In the past the cab has come from our sandy loam area which is used in our Estate Cuvee also. This will give the wine a much darker flavour. Also I want to use about 5% from the block 4 section. The next 10% will come from  petite sirah. I plan on using the petite sirah that has the most structure. This could include an amount from our new petite sirah from our front block, and a new tannic petite sirah I am buying for the first time or our own old vine petite. The zin will come from our vineyard and consist of our old vine and new sections. I have a new clone in the front section to use as well as two wire sections to pick from. Thus the percentages will be 75% zinfandel, 10% Aca Cab, and 15% petite sirah. This wine will be a little higher in alcohol, about 14.5 or so, have more tannin and contain a little more oak, all Hungarian. I plan on making about 300 Cases. 

Tuesday August 27, 2002

This is desert weather!!! It was 105 degrees today and the humidity got down to 10%. We are going to test a few berries tomorrow and see how much this heat has effected the sauv blanc. More tomorrow. 

Wednesday August 28, 2002

The sugar tests were all over the map today, It looks like the sauv blanc would be ready by Saturday, but the acids are way too high. Brendan will be in tomorrow and we will do a new test. I still guess that we will be harvesting by Tuesday, BUT Pat and I have been invited out to lunch Tuesday to the Dry Creek Kitchen SOOO I may find a way out in order to harvest Wednesday. 

Saturday August 31, 2002 

Brendan's further tests have confirmed that acids are way too high to consider harvesting today. The sauv blanc is around 20 brix and with a few more days, say Wednesday, we could see grapes ripe enough and acids low enough to pick a small amount. Brendan will be back Tuesday to do another sugar test. We did do some samples of our zinfandel and were amazed that we got readings of over 23 brix. I have kept samples and found that after swell up we now have sugar of about 24. The acid on the zin is way too high also. Our new zin in the front block has incredible flavor, and those customers in here in the last two days were captivated by the intense blackberry taste. As I have said I hope to use this section for "My Zin". 

Any of you interested may now purchase my new zin "My Zin" at $15 on our order form. Find it by following the links from our main order and shipping page.

8:30 Pm Brendan did show up today for a time to help us out in pouring and packing for those who are picking up wine. He informed me that he would rather come Wednesday than Tuesday to do the next sugar test. Now I see that the high today was 98 degrees. Let's see what the next days will bring. This is such an unpredictable time. I love it.


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