David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks  3 - 4
January 22, 2006 to February 4, 2006 

  Sunday January 29, 2006

I know it has been  many days since I last posted. There has been a lot happening, but not much related to the winery. It is a long story, which would involve a lot of effort on my part. I will make a post tomorrow regarding my thoughts for the future of the winery.

Monday January 30, 2006

I hope I didn't scare anyone yesterday. There are no big changes for the winery. No I am not selling out like some small wineries. As long as I am alive I will be in control of the winery, similar to Al Davis of the Raiders. Hopefully I am making better decisions for my business.

I will be making changes to the Vintage Circle program. Some of our customers who buy only one case of Futures every year should get a break also. Our 2006 Futures will be offered in the last few days of March. I will have more details soon. 

I am finalizing the new numbers for our 2005 Blends and I will post the results sometime this week. I am extremely happy with the way the wines are tasting.

2pm: I've finished taking preliminary alcohols and PHs for our 2005 Wines. Here is what I came up with: Block 4: 15.2 Alc, 3.6 ph; Estate Cuvee: 14.8 Alc, 3.5 ph; Aca Modot: 13.9 Alc, 3.6 ph; Petite Sirah: 13.9 Alc, 3.6 ph; Cabernet: 13.6 Alc, 3.6 ph; Terre Melange: 14.2 Alc, 3.7 ph; Fresco: 14.1 Alc, 3.8 ph; Barbera: 14.0 Alc, 3.4 ph; Zinfandel: 15.1 Alc, 3.45 ph; Carignan: 14.8 Alc, 3.5 ph; My Zin: 14.5 Alc, 3.6 ph; Pinot: 13.5 Alc, 3.8 ph; Sangiovese: 14.6 Alc, 3.7 ph; Escuro: 13.6 Alc, 3.7 ph and our two white wines: Chardonnay: 13.7 Alc, 3.5 ph and Late Harvest Sauv Blanc: 11.5 Alc, 3.6 ph and residual sugar of 23%. I may add some acid to the late harvest, otherwise these numbers will be relatively the same at bottling in July. Later today I will up date the .pdfs and order forms to reflect the latest percentages in the blends and revised case totals. 

11pm: I know it is unusual for me to make three posts in one day, but Pat is off with a friend for dinner and I can be by myself ( As many of you know some of us need our escapes after we have successfully raised our kids). When I am in the mood I like making diary entries. I feel I might be giving some knowledge even though it might be little. 

I have a cat. Actually I don't own him. Susie purchased him for about $200? He is Siamese. Do I need to say more????? You all know what I mean if you have ever lived with a Siamese cat. "We are siamese if you please.....We are Siamese if you don't please". Lady In The Tramp was the only movie that I appreciated dogs more than cats. Cats are more difficult to control than dogs. I like to control, but I want someone to stand up to me. Cats rarely want to control, they usually want to be aloof. I have spent many minutes trying to get my cats to do what I want. Most of the time the cat realizes that I might have something to offer and complies. Cats can be fooled easily, but they are independent. Dogs are very controlling. I do not want a dog to control me. Dogs are so patient. I can't stand it. I really do not like someone studying me for minutes on minutes. If nothing is happening Koovy, Susie's Golden, would stay watching me or others, but as soon as the slightest possibility of movement Koovy would be up and try to please. Leroy our Siamese friend doesn't know how to please. He is constantly around  and only wants attention when he is of need of food which seems to be most of the day. He is not a lap cat and he constantly annoys me while our other cats are nice friends. Does anyone need a Siamese?

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