David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 41
October 6, 2002 to October 12, 2002 
  Tuesday October 8, 2002

This has been one of those unpredictable days. Everything was pretty routine and somewhat of a let down for Brendan and I until this evening. 

We started out with pressing again as we have for the last several days, but either we are getting better (too boring) or we had less to do. We finished early and Brendan went off to deliver a case of our 2001 zinfandel to ZIN restaurant. Earlier in the day we realized that our harvest season is winding down. I usually get somewhat depressed at this time of year. I guess I would not call it depressed, because I have never been depressed, but I guess I could call it more a state of melancholy. I always come out of this feeling in only a few minutes or hours, but fall back into it as the season winds down until it really officially ends. Fortunately for us the season does not end until our Late Harvest Sauv Blanc comes in, usually in November. I do not know of any winery that has a harvest as long as ours: from late August to late November. That leads me back to today. 

Caterino was out picking Estate second crop in the last few days (anything left in the vineyard). The quality looks great and has been giving us a good yield. We have harvested 1.5 tons so far. (When we harvest second crop it can take 6 hours to pick half a ton) He told me this afternoon that he thought there would be only another half ton for tomorrow. We need a ton to get a good fermentation going. As he talked to me all of a sudden his eyes brightened when he mentioned that my next door neighbor, John Teldeschi, had some cabernet vines that had a good second crop hanging on the vine left over from the first crop (I really think Caterino has as much passion as Brendan and I and does not want the season to end either). I thought a second and decided to call John and his wife Robin to see if they were willing to sell some of this fruit. I suspected that there was a good chance, if they were around to receive my message, that they would welcome this opportunity to make a little extra money. I have not heard of anyone who has bought second crop this year since there is so much first crop that no one wants. BUT as some of you know, most of my Neighbors' wines have come from John and Robin's and his Mother, Caterina's vineyards. When I received a call back this evening with the go ahead to pick what I wanted, my state of melancholy ended for now: Brendan and I can make more wine for now. 

Thursday October 10, 2002

We have realized today that we will have no empty barrels. Since I last wrote we have contracted for 3.5 more tons. And we may have another ton of Syrah from Bennett valley. Some of you got cut off on Syrah early in our pre harvest futures offering, thus you now may purchase syrah from us again. We will be receiving this fruit on Monday and will inform you then of this opportunity. 

Yesterday I received a visit from Roberto. Roberto is the worker who had the right to sell us grapes last year. He sold us the zin and pinot that was blended into our 2001 Pinot and 2001 Terre Milange. These wines have been very successful for us. Even after a year, I recognized him immediately. This time he had some first crop Cabernet for sale. As some of you may know there are a lot of vineyards that will go un-picked this year. Most wineries have either cut back on production or run out of room. Our Estate crop has come in about the same as last year even though we had left empty barrels anticipating a bigger crop. So, when Roberto, who is the Supervisor of a big Vineyard Management Company, approached me with Cabernet I was encouraged. I love cabernet and I have people constantly ask me when/or if/ I am going to make a straight cab. We will see, but we did receive 3 tons today from Roberto. Let's see what the quality bears. I will not make a 100% varietal unless it can stand on it's own. 


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