David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 43 - 47
October 26 - November 29, 2008 

Monday November 3, 2008

The election is tomorrow. Go vote!

Because of the financial crisis, many of you have lost value in your house and 401Ks recently so we are offering an additional 5% discount on any bottled wine orders placed for the months of November and December. You will be receiving an e-mail announcing the offer and our open house on December 6th.

As I have said before, we are only producing 2700 cases this year. We are almost out of our 2008 Estate Cuvee, Cabernet and Aca Modot, so in a few days when we update our order form to reflect the new prices on our bottled wines, you will no longer see the Estate Cuvee, Cabernet and Aca Modot for sale. If any of you are interested in those wines please send me an e-mail.

Thursday November 6, 2008

Yes, we have a new president and you know every 4 years I have tried to predict what will happen to the stock market. Here is what I said back in year 2000: 

             "I know most of you are hoping the stock market will start going up since we finally have a Republican president elect. Beware, check out history. I have been following the stock market since 1962 and have noticed that, probably by chance, the stock market goes up more during Democratic administrations. Just think, for the last year, most of us have expected Bush to get in as our next president. Then why has the general market been going down? In other  words, just because we have a Republican in, that doesn't mean the market will go up."

I see I was right or has History repeated itself again? The Dow Jones Industrials is down over 20 percent in the last 8 years since President Bush took office; the Nasdaq is down 30%. In the next 4 years the markets should go up. I have hope.

Today or tomorrow you should see an e-mail from us if you purchased either 2007 or 2008 wines. I have recalculated my case totals for each wine. On Monday I said we would no longer sell our 2008 Estate Cuvee and Aca Modot, but I have enough cases to sell until the end of the year. You will no longer see the 2008 Cabernet for sale though. I have less than 25 cases to sell and I need some for myself and I need some to sell to some of you who read this diary.

Wednesday November 12, 2008

Everyone knows that I am happy we have a new president elect. But I am not happy with the way the press and the public are treating our present and soon to be past president. I agree President Bush has neglected our economy but he has concentrated on protecting our country against a new attack from abroad. I think we should have not gone into Iraq and not alienated so many countries over seas. I disagree with the way president Bush has handled our enemies. President Bush believes something else and I admire him for sticking up for what he believes. I am disappointed that for the first time in my 65 years we are not supporting our president in office. This is not helping our economy or the stock market. Hopefully we will get through these 69 days and Obama will encourage all of us to be better people and countries around the world will support and admire us again. I know this sounds too idealistic to some or most of you but I am an idealistic person and have hope for the future.

Things are quiet around here and we have only two wines that are still fermenting. I have already decided on the blends for all our 2008 wines and you can go to our order form to see how many cases and percentage of varietals are in the wines.


Intel reported this afternoon that they see demand going down. GM has run out of cash, Today, GE is asking for money from our government. In my lifetime I have never seen such statements by companies that matter. This is the biggest drop in confidence in my lifetime. This is the time to buy stocks only if you believe in Barack Obama. I do, so I will be buying tomorrow again. I have $100,000 in to the market at this point and yes I have big losses. I have another $100,000 ready to invest. Because of all of you finally we have a few bucks to invest. Hopefully I am right and our Nation will be better in the future. He better come through!!!!!!! 

Monday November 24, 2008

Nothing much has been happening here concerning wine. Almost all the decisions have been made for this season. All the wines are stable and are ready to taste out of the barrel. In January we will blend barrels to make our 13 different wines. After tasting the wines I will make a decision on the 2008 The Ultimate Cuvee and that will become our 14th wine. It will be blended in April and sold on Futures then. In January we will be bottling our 2007 The Ultimate Cuvee and a new wine. Matt has convinced me to sell a Rose. We will call it the 2008 Fresco and we won't have the labels until April. Matt is very proud of the way it turned out and any of you are welcome to taste it out of the barrel until it gets bottled. If you are interested in purchasing some now, just send me an e-mail. We are making only 130 cases so it will sell out fast. I don't know what the price is yet because Matt will set the price.

Wednesday November 26, 2008

In the last few days I have purchased Amazon.com. I am betting online sales in the next few days will be good. I could be real wrong. Earlier this year the stock was 100 and it has been as low as 35 last week. It is now trading at 42 so I hope it doesn't go back down.

Today we are cleaning up around here and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Have a nice one.


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